Carpool Cosmetics: Kelly Lundberg tries Huda Beauty make-up on the move

Who's a dab hand at applying lipstick in the back of a moving car? A maestro of make-up on the move? Yeah, us too. So we decided to put beauty to the test in this way every week, grabbing various Grazia gal-pals along the way. Buckle up...
Carpool Cosmetics: Kelly Lundberg tries Huda Beauty make-up on the move
Beauty and the Bentley

Hands up who loves Huda Beauty? We sit firmly in the camp of she can do no wrong, fangirling our little socks off surrounded by remnants of her Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette. It seemed only right, then, that we tried out her latest release - Demi-Matte Cream Lipsticks - in the back of our Bentley (hashtag humblebrag) for this week's Carpool Cosmetics, with none other than stylist extraordinaire, Kelly Lundberg...

Sure, we might have had some hairy moments with trying to apply the creamy texture and intense pigments while going round corners, but under normal - rather more stationary - circumstances, we think they would have been pretty easy to use. We also discussed names that make you want to do a small air-punch (Lady Boss, Game Changer and Sheikha - well done for representing, HK) - with Kelly choosing Bonnie and Passionista as her two shades and Olivia opting for Mogul and Bawse which, despite various enthusiastic attempts, she still can't pronounce properly.

Huda Beauty Demi Matte in Bonnie, Dhs105

Huda Beauty Demi Matte in Mogul, Dhs105

Huda Beauty Demi Matte in Passionista, Dhs105

Huda Beauty Demi Matte in Bawse, Dhs105

The verdict? Slightly darker on the lips than the packet would have you believe, but more moisturising than her matte lipsticks and with the kind of pay-off that punches you in the face. In a good way, obvs. Huda... we can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.

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