Carpool Cosmetics: Rosemin Manji tries NARS make-up on the move

Who's a dab hand at applying lipstick in the back of a moving car? A maestro of make-up on the move? Yeah, us too. So we decided to put beauty to the test in this way every week, grabbing various Grazia gal-pals along the way. Buckle up...
Carpool Cosmetics: Rosemin Manji tries NARS make-up on the move

We picked up entrepreneur and local fashion hero Rosemin Manji in our make-up-filled Range Rover and quickly learned that - understandably - she is a huge NARS fan. Handy, since we were trying out two of the legendary brand’s newest drops – the Narsissist Wanted Cheek Palette II and two shades of the Narsissist Wanted Power Pack Lip Kit; Hot Blooded and Cherry Bomb. FYI, they’re as good as they sound.

Rosemin talked Digital Editor Olivia Phillips through her should-be-trademarked 3d blusher process; a mix of contouring, highlighting and a pop of colour on the apples of her cheeks, explaining that her job has required her to develop make-up application that looks as good on-screen as it does off. She opted for the darker tones such as Queen and Penthouse, finishing with a touch of the shimmery PYT in the top left corner.

Pleasantly surprised, not only by the pigments but also by the demi-matte finish, Rosemin gave the Narsissist Wanted liquid lipsticks the thumbs up, noting that they weren’t as drying as other matte formulas and that the cute size meant that she could easily pop one into a clutch bag on a night out via the red carpet.

Olivia tried the Cherry Bomb shade, which – paired with her yellow gingham dress – she felt gave her a '50s air but was a little too high maintenance for everyday.

Buy everything that Rosemin and Olivia tried out below:

Narsissist Wanted Power Pack in Don’t Stop and Cherry Bomb, Dhs110

Narsissist Wanted Power Pack in Get It Girl and Hot Blooded, Dhs110

Narsissist Wanted Cheek Palette II, Dhs295

Photos: Tamer Ahmad and supplied