Carpool Cosmetics: The Halloween Special with Glitterbox

Who's a dab hand at applying lipstick in the back of a moving car? A maestro of make-up on the move? Yeah, us too. So we decided to put beauty to the test in this way every week, grabbing various Grazia gal-pals along the way. Buckle up...
Carpool Cosmetics: The Halloween Special with Glitterbox
Too much?

It was only a matter of time before a not-insignificant glitter shower happened in the back of the Carpool Cosmeticsobile. Similarly, a unicorn makeover was bound to make an appearance sooner rather than later, so when better to combine the two than one of our favourite times of year: Halloween.

Nadine Elias - one half of sparkly sister duo Glitterbox UAE - didn't need much convincing to oblige, as her company name rightly implies, and if you, too, are feeling particularly extra one evening, or have an event that could do with getting glit, I would highly recommend getting these girls involved. They even have their own range of glitter coming out next month.  

Nadine used Twilight and Amethyst shades from Huda Beauty's Desert Dusk palette (Dhs273, available at Sephora) around my eyes, blending out to the brow bone before adding Cover FX Glitter Drops in Lunar (Dhs221, available at Sephora) over the top and along my cheekbones to give some extra shimmer.

Nadine then put eyelash glue on the back of 14 crystals of various sizes to make possibly the greatest-sounding accoutrement ever... the unicorn crown.

Then "the fun part" arrived - although at this point I couldn't really forsee what could possibly out-fun the crystal crown. Enter giant pots of glitter and hair gel. Nadine painted it under my eyes and in a C-shape around them, before moving up to my hairline.

The finishing touch that Nadine surprised me with was the tinsel coat of dreams which I have slept in since.

Unicorn transformation complete.

Photos: Tamer Ahmad