Complimentary haircuts for those who have lost jobs due to the pandemic

Salon manager Lucinda Gil explains “With the current situation, everyone is finding things difficult. We wanted to do something to give back to those who'd lost their jobs as a result of the ongoing pandemic."
Complimentary haircuts for those who have lost jobs due to the pandemic

Photo: @thathairtho.tht

It feels like COVID-19 has cast a dark cloud over us and does not intend to lift it anytime soon. Businesses are suffering, and the unemployment rate seems to only get higher and higher – leaving us feeling stuck in the unknown, wondering where we'll end up or what the future has in store.
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Times like this call for us to work together and focus on a brighter future. With everything going on, small acts of kindness can go a long way - it is this mindset that sparked an idea in a Dubai salon.

That Hair Tho, located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, has shifted its focus to supporting and helping those currently in need by offering complementary services throughout September and October. The benefits include a complementary haircut, wash and blow-dry to any female in the city who has lost her job, prepping for an interview or is leaving the country due to the pandemic.

We all know the feeling you get when leaving a salon - the confidence begins to radiate from us and we feel invincible, ready to conquer the world with our new 'do - and That Hair Tho is providing that feeling free of charge to those in need. Not only will this leave their hair feeling healthy and refreshed, but the initiative will also boost spirits and brighten their day. We can't applaud the THT ladies enough.

Now more than ever, we need to uplift one another in any way possible because you never know what is going on in someone's life and we thank That Hair Tho for making the world a happier place, one blow-dry at a time.  And, for those that are struggling: you're stronger than your struggles would have you believe. Pick yourself up, get a fresh blow-out and remind yourself that better days are coming.

  • To book all you need to do is present some evidence of your individual situation. There will be three appointments available per day. To book an appointment, please call the salon on +971 45896670 or WhatsApp 055-9453125.

Photos: @thathairtho.tht