Dermalogica’s Rapid Reveal Peel will make you want to ditch your foundation

Hands up who wants smooth, glowing skin?
Dermalogica’s Rapid Reveal Peel will make you want to ditch your foundation
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Radiant skin is an attribute that most of us long for but often rely on make-up to achieve. It’s also no secret that great skin is harder to get as we age. In science terms, as we get older, our once-quick turnover of cells begins to slow down, resulting in longer recovery time from skin damage and leaving us with dull and wrinkled skin. Before you go under, however, we have some good news.

When looking for products that promise glowing skin or to prevent signs of ageing, you don’t have to look far as there are many around. But the latest one to catch our eye? Dermalogica’s Rapid Reveal Peel. Let us tell you why…

Making up for what the skin naturally loses over time, the Rapid Reveal Peel uses a complex blend of ingredients including phytoactive Alpha Hydroxy Acids, fermented plant enzymes, and Australian caviar lime extracts that help to firm and even skin tones, and brighten complexions.

Now we know that the word ‘peel’ in the title of an at-home beauty product can seem a bit daunting, but we promise there's nothing to worry about. While the product name may confuse you into thinking you’ll be giving yourself a chemical peel in the comfort of your living room, the Rapid Reveal Peel comes in a pack of ten and is a professional-grade at-home peel treatment. It’s basically a maximum strength exfoliant that speeds the removal of dull cells on the skin's surface to reveal brighter, smoother, and healthier skin, and it’s even ideal for more sensitive skin types.

To use, simply open the applicator, dispense the product into your hands and lightly massage over your face, neck and chest in a circular motion. Leave to activate for 3-7 minutes depending on your skin’s sensitivity, and then rinse thoroughly with cold water. The product may tingle slightly whilst activating on your skin, however, once removed your skin will immediately glow.

To kick-start the treatment, begin by using one tube every day for three days. After the third day, continue to use one Rapid Reveal Peek tube every week in order to maintain the best results.

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Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans and supplied