Do you have lockdown face?

Evenings bingeing Netflix? Weekends spent hopping from Zoom to Houseparty? All this extra screen time could mean bad news for your skin, says Emma Stoddart

Screen Space
To separate from your screens, follow these tips:

Set Limits
Thanks to the Screen Time app, not only can you see the hours spent scrolling Instagram creep up, but you can also set daily limits. The daily recommended time to spend on your phone is no more than two hours.

Listen to a podcast
Occasionally, swap out Netlix for a good podcast to give tired or strained eyes a rest. We’re currently enjoying Happier With Gretchen Rubin, Fortunately, Shameless and The Fake Heiress.

Get lost in a good book
This one might be an obvious option, but one study by the University of Sussex found that just six minutes of reading reduced stress levels by more than two thirds, making it the perfect bedtime activity.

Spend time outside
And not just for another blossom pic on the ’gram. Enjoy your daily exercise and immerse yourself in nature. Research has revealed that looking at trees reduces blood pressure and stress-related hormones.

Main image: Victoria Beckham AW20
Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans and supplied