Dubai salons can now offer waxing

Everything Dubai salons are doing to keep you safe
Dubai salons can now offer waxing
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Waxing is now permitted at Dubai salons but must follow strict guidelines. Salons are allowed to operate at 50 per cent capacity for all services excepting Moroccan Hammam/ bath, massages, spa, or sauna.

On how they're keeping us safe, our friends at Tips & Toes tell Grazia, "On entering our salon, we have a smart gate that disinfects every client. Every client is required to have their temperature checked and use hand sanitiser upon arrival, then will receive a mandatory new face mask and gloves. We do everything we can to ensure a sterilised environment by cleaning and sterilising a room/area before and after each client use. All staff members wear masks and gloves along with a protective shield over their faces as a requirement. Internally we also ensure all our staff is healthy by checking their temperature and providing immunity boosting vitamins."

In addition, Dubai Municipality calls on all salons in Dubai to comply with the following rules:  

1. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in all time, and focus on the following:

• Doors and stairs handle
• Cash counters and POS machines.
• TV and AC units’ remote controls
• Barber chairs and service tables before and after each service
• All Cutting tools/material/equipment
• Hand and hair washing basins
• Cabinets/drawers/shelves
• Washrooms including door handles/water taps
• Personal hygiene

2. All salons allowed to operate at 50 per cent capacity for all services excluding, spa, sauna, Moroccan hammam/bath or massages.

3. No home services permitted

4. Apply 4 sq. metre section for each person inside the salon

5. Regular hand washing with water and soap or hand sanitising by workers before and after each service. Clients encouraged to wash/sanitise hands before and after service. with the availability of contactless hand sanitiser dispensers at different areas.

6. Using disposable towels

7. Face masks must be worn by client – mask can be adjusted for very short time periods during certain procedures like trimming hair behind ears, beard shave or whenever absolutely necessary

8. Face masks, face shield and gloves must be worn by the treatment provider while providing all type of services

9. All customers to be serve upon an appointment only prior to visit

10. Provide instructions for maintaining 2-metres social distancing and occupancy ceiling to 50 per cent and maximum occupancy sticker should be displayed near the door

11. Waiting and seating area inside or in front of the salon to be closed permanently 

12. All newspapers, magazines to be removed

13. Disposable tableware and cups to be use if needed

14. Regular body temperature checking for workers, customers, visitors and guests before entering

15. Workers should seek medical care right away once developed flu symptoms, and to stop working immediately, and customer with flu symptoms are not allowed to enter

16. Document all working procedures, cleaning and disinfection operations including list of used disinfectants

17. Performing a thorough cleaning and disinfection process in salon after working hours

18. Provision of special medical waste containers to dispose of mask and gloves

19. Salons working hours must be aligned to directives on allowed operating hours

20. Promote smart payment solutions (cards, online and other related means)

21. One adult under 60 years can supervise a maximum of three  children with only one aged between 1 and 5 years. These measures are valid till further notice and regular inspections will be conducted to ensure the compliance, where non-compliant premises will be violated according to the enforced rules.

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