Eucalyptus Oil is the one-stop crop for all your self-care needs

Don't knock it until you've slathered yourself in eucalyptus oil (trust us)
Eucalyptus Oil is the one-stop crop for all your self-care needs

From inhaling lavender to slathering on bee venom, we’ve tried everything in the hopes to reverse the effects of our questionable diets and chronic lack of sleep. As such we’re no strangers to that too-long multi-product self-care routine, and quite frankly, we’re tired of it.

That’s why we’re all too excited about Eucalyptus oil, the only hero ingredient you’ll ever need… ever.

Hair Care
With its potent antiseptic and antifungal properties, a simple eucalyptus oil head massage is a Godsend for cleansing follicles, promoting hair growth, whilst also preventing dandruff. Quite the triple-threat.

Doing away with all those chemicals nobody really knows how to pronounce, eucalyptus oil, with its antibacterial properties, can singlehandedly help heal and clear acne, eczema, ageing and blemishes. It can even act as a natural sunscreen- minus the dreaded ashy-white caste.

Better than receiving a dreamy springtime bouquet (husbands, take note!), the sweet-smelling oil not only acts as an effective odour-remover, but also helps relax the body, and fight against a number of respiratory tract infections including cold, cough, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

Improve Brain Function
As a vasodilator, eucalyptus oil increases blood circulation to the brain thereby increasing mental activity and alertness, something we’re lucky to experience at any time of the day.

Dental Care
Commonly an active ingredient in dental hygiene products, the prodigious oil functions effectively against cavities, dental plaque, and gingivitis. 

With its limitless list of benefits, we wouldn’t be surprised if it could also file our taxes and babysit our children.

Photos: Instagram and Unsplash