@Grombre is the instagram account championing the grey hair revolution

“It’s all about confidence, self-love and embracing change with grace and gratitude. Here’s to life!"
@Grombre is the instagram account championing the grey hair revolution

Photo: @greceghanem

It’s official: grey hair has well and truly shaken off the stigma long attached to it. Now a statement of confidence and intent, women of all ages are embracing a hair colour that for so many years was branded as a sign of “letting yourself go”, from the silver strands seen on celebs on the red carpet, to the ashy tones infiltrating the big screen and now Instagram.

That’s right. Championing the grey hair revolution like no other is Instagram account @grombre.

Described as a “global movement of women who are embracing natural, undyed hair,” the hero account is the brainchild of Martha Truslow Smith, a 27-year-old graphic designer who found her first grey hair at 14, and promptly got herself into hair dye.

At 24 years old, she realised that the stress of "falsifying an appearance" and covering her roots was chipping away at her self-esteem. She says it created "a miserable pattern [she] could see [herself] locking into, like so many women, for years to come."

And so, she created @grombre: both to give her encouragement on the hard days when she was growing out her hair, and to create a platform to celebrate the beauty of grey hair.

Not only have women across the globe taken to sharing their own silver locks, but within each caption, they’ve described their own journeys and experiences with embracing their grey hair in the real world.

One woman shared her silver story of finding her first grey hair at age 11 and dying her hair for nearly a decade. “I was lacking the confidence to expose my true colours until I turned 30 – just over a year ago and I wish I had ditched my dye earlier,” she said. “I feel liberated for not having to hide my silver waves (plus tons of money and time saved) which I adore and make me look unique.”

“What started off as a small Instagram community has turned into a lifestyle for women— Grombre is about so much more than hair,” Smith says. “We believe there are more important things in life than the beauty standards that women are so often told define our value, and we’re finding liberation and empowerment to live fully and celebrate the complexities that make us beautiful in each season of our lives.” Hear, hear!

Photos: Instagram and Supplied