Haven’t heard of mochi skin? Well here’s the lowdown

The latest beauty trend has arrived

Mochi skin is a skincare craze spreading through to Japan and now, here.

Unlike other Asian skincare routines (like glass skin from Korea) it has very few steps to achieve similar results, phew.

In Korea, poreless, dewy, baby-soft skin is the ultimate goal, with routines sometimes reaching up to ten steps. Whereas in Japan, the ideal is supple and smooth skin that boasts bounciness and softness similar to, you guessed it, mochi – a Japanese dessert.

Japanese beauty gurus swear by a five-step routine that honestly isn’t complicated or hard to maintain. Plus, you probably have the products lying around already. So we’ve broken it down for you:

1. Double cleansing

If you wear make-up, this step is crucial. Japanese Geishas swear by it which means we should too. Now, we don’t mean simply washing your face twice with the same old cleanser. Start with a gentle cleansing oil to break up the make-up followed by a foaming face wash. It’s a sure fire way to remove all impurities, even on make-up free days.

2. Lotion and love your skin

Japanese lotions or ‘skin conditioners’ have the consistency of water and are basically the equivalent of toners. However, instead of focusing on your pores they lock in moisture to give you that soft and supple skin you’re after. Simply pat it on with your hands until it’s fully absorbed for maximum moisture.

3. Someone say serums?

For a moisturised and firmer skin, use a serum with plumping ceramides and collagen. They reduce signs of ageing skin like dullness, wrinkles and dark spots.

4. More moisture

Moisture is probably the most important part of mochi skin, after cleansing of course. Japanese moisturisers come in all forms – milks, oils and creams.

Just make sure it’s a lightweight one as they’re fast absorbing and don’t leave a pesky layer of product on your face.

5. Sun protection

We’re sure you’ve heard it time and time again, how damaging the sun is and the effects it has on your skin so we won’t bore you again. But this step is found in every beauty routine across the globe. So no matter the weather, never leave the house without protecting your skin.

Images: Instagram