Here's why BeautyCon is the most important beauty event in the world

Dubbed 'The Super Bowl of the beauty industry,' BeautyCon is so much more than just a pretty face
Here's why BeautyCon is the most important beauty event in the world


BeautyCon. What was once an exclusive beauty-industry festival has transformed into a beacon of inclusivity, diversity and, moreover, a social-media behemoth. The New York convention just wrapped up this week, pushing more boundaries than ever in motivating attendees to be their best selves.


Cruelty-free products were at the forefront (arguably much more so than in previous years), featuring partnerships with brands such as YesTo, Too Faced and Bondi Sands. Highlighting their progress in ridding the beauty industry of animal testing and unnecessary nasties, these guys aren’t leaving much room for excuses from others in the market - they're just proving it's very much achievable.

There was a particular spotlight on Dove at BeautyCon NY, who are not only cruelty-free themselves, but also wowed audiences with their booth debuting their recent collab with Getty Images and Girlgaze for Project #ShowUs. We wrote about it here.

This was but one of many representations of inclusivity and ethnic diversity that the event promoted, with other stalls from the likes of Cacique Intimates - a brand who celebrate designing underwear for women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. They even offered free bra fittings.

They also went as far as to encourage everyone attending to bring their own refillable water bottles for the water stations they provided. Sustainability? Tick.

Perhaps most significant, though, was the focus on integral aspects of what it means to be a woman in today’s world, hosting powerful sessions such as ‘Let’s Talk About Toxic Masculinity’ and ‘Fighting the Fear of Being Yourself’. Whilst we did see the mandatory makeovers, the convention reminded us that beauty still comes from within. 


Cardi B gave an uncensored (no surprises there) talk on how to make money as a woman 

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