How to give your skincare routine an extra shot of hydration this summer

The world's purest facial wipes have launched in the UAE and we couldn't be more excited
How to give your skincare routine an extra shot of hydration this summer
waterwipes are available on amazon, mumzworld and sprii

If you, like us, have been searching for a more soothing way to take off your make-up, look no further. From this month, WaterWipes facial wipes are officially available in the UAE and they remove make-up, mascara and clear the impurities out of your skin. Pure pore summer here we come!

Here's the science bit: The embossed wipe texture formulated with only three ingredients:

1. 99.9 per cent Natural Spring Water, sourced from an Irish spring deep underground. The water undergoes seven (yes, seven) stages of purification producing a unique product that empties your pores without the need for unnecessary additives. Dr Emer Gilligan explains, "Consumers are increasingly demanding products with minimal ingredients… Our unique water technology has enabled us to create a product that not only effectively removes make-up, but is pure enough to cleanse even the most delicate skin without feeling irritated."

2. Fruit Seed Extract, packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, which doubles up as a protective barrier for the skin and acts as a natural conditioner!

3. Dead Sea Minerals, known to promote skin barrier recovery and have soothing effects.

CEO and Creator of WaterWipes, Edward McCloskey, puts it best: "Now, despite our busy lives, everyone can feel good cleansing their skin, safe in the knowledge they are using only the purest ingredients."

WaterWipes are available in-store at Spinneys, Waitrose and Choithrams throughout the UAE, and online on Amazon, MumzWorld and Sprii. We can’t wait to get our hands (and face) on them!

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