How to style your hair from AM to PM

Senior Stylist at Pastels Salon, Sasha Panic, shares his tips and tricks to getting your hair lasting from day to night. Not all heroes wear capes
How to style your hair from AM to PM

Balancing a work and social life can be quite difficult, especially if you’re trying to look chic for both.

We’ve all found ourselves rushing out of work to get to our evening plans before catching a quick (and dreaded) glance in the mirror only to realize that your hair - you so graciously spent hours on- has fallen flat.

It can be a serious challenge to maintain a hairstyle throughout the day and unfortunately there isn’t enough time for a busy gal to have to constantly be worrying about it.

Thankfully, our friends over at Pastels Salon Ritz Cartlon have got the solution to our working-girl woes. Senior Stylist Sasha Panic shares his secrets to helping keep your locks on lockdown to help get you through the night.  

Follow Sasha’s simple styling tips to help you get from drab to fab all day long. No need to thank us, your hair will do all the talking.  

To ensure long lasting volume avoid using a moisturizing shampoo and opt for a light conditioner such as Redken’s high rise conditioner. Also- remember to never condition your roots!

Redken High Rise Volume Lifting Conditioner, Dhs119

Once your hair is washed, apply L’Oreal PLI to towel-dried hair from root to end to create a good base for hold and shaping before styling your hair.

L'Oréal PLI Thermo-Modeling Spray, Dhs56

A good way to start hair drying to get maximum volume is to dry the hair about 60% by just blasting it, preferably by turning your head upside down.

Use a medium sized round brush to smooth out the hair, especially the ends. If you’re an expert at blow-drying, pin up a few sections on the top to make sure you’re not losing volume.

To create curls or waves start in sections from the back end and work your way to the front. Use Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray or L’Oreal Salt Spray and apply a light mist on each section before using the curling iron. This will maximize the hold. 

Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray, Dhs158

L'Oréal Beach Waves Salt Spray, Dhs55

Once your hair is curled use a wide comb and gently comb through to get a lush, full and bouncy mane. Finish off with a medium hold hairspray to ensure the style remains.

L'Oréal Fix Anti-Frizz Hair Spray, Dhs45

Photos: Supplied and Unsplash