Huda Kattan reveals why she agreed to film a second season of Huda Boss

The Facebook series gives fans an access-all-areas pass into her life
Huda Kattan reveals why she agreed to film a second season of Huda Boss
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If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to run a global beauty empire while raising a family and maintaining a visible presence on Instagram so that your 39 million followers don’t feel left out, Facebook’s Huda Boss series needs to be on your watch list.

Returning to the social media platform for a second season, the show which is exclusively produced by the Kattan sisters, Huda, Mona and Ayla, gives fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their world, and what it really takes to run the Huda Beauty mega brand.

Speaking at the season two screening in Dubai, sisters Huda and Mona discussed why they decided to collaborate with Facebook on the series.

“It was really overwhelming you know filming, running a company and still trying to be an influencer,” Huda said of the filming process. “There were times when I was like this is truly challenging, but I wanted to show people this side of our life because I know a lot of people wanted to start their own business. A lot of people want to understand how this works.”

And letting people see a more authentic version of her life is what drives her to keep going.

“As a mother I feel an incredible amount of responsibility to show the truth. On social media we don’t show every aspect of how everything is, we actually make everything perfect like we got everything, we don’t have those days, we face tune everything. It’s all too much and I definitely feel the need to show all of those that things are not always planned,” she explained.

While certain personal moments aren’t shared online, Huda also revealed that she feels a responsibility towards her followers and doesn’t want to disappoint them by restricting their access to her life.

“I know a lot of people have followed us since the beginning and I kind of feel like we owe the true story of all the moments,” she added.

You can watch episodes of Huda Boss on Facebook every Tuesday and Wednesday.

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