I didn’t wash my hair for a week and this is what happened

Forget diamonds, dry shampoo is a girl’s real best friend…
I didn’t wash my hair for a week and this is what happened

Seven days without washing your hair can be pretty extreme, especially for someone like me who suffers at the hands of the greasy powers that be. But let’s be honest, we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Woken up too late to have time to wash and blow dry your hair? In the midst of a deadline crunch at work and have more important things to worry about than the cleanliness of your roots? Well... you just reach for the dry shampoo, don't you? And yes, I’m speaking from experience, but please don’t judge me. We all do it.

Nowadays, happily graduated from university and into the working world, I’m a far more frequent hair-washer. Every other day, to be precise. But all in the name of science – and in a rather enjoyable revert to my former lazy self – I battled through this past week without washing my hair in order to trial the world’s number one leading dry shampoo, Batiste.

So how does that can of wonders actually work? Taking pride in their starch-based, ‘no water needed’ formulation, Batiste penetrates the hair shaft to target and absorb excess oil and grease. As for using the product, Batiste says, “it simply requires spraying at the roots, massaging it in and brushing through for great looking, feeling and smelling hair.”  Seemed easy enough, and if it meant I was able to catch up on some sleep, I was in.

Day 1: My journey begins when I last washed my hair; feeling funky fresh, squeaky clean and ready to tackle the week ahead. I don’t think it needs to be said, but let’s be clear anyway – no Batiste was used on the first day.

Day 2: Second day in and my hair was still looking and feeling relatively clean. This is unusual for my hair, as by day two I generally need a bit of something to help my roots along the way, however no product was used.

Day 3: Ok, by day three my hair was definitely looking like its usual greasy self. Batiste at the ready, I took to my roots following the brand's directions – spray, massage, brush, et voilà! My hair was far less oily than when I first woke up, and - dare I say - it looked fabulous. The Batiste not only ‘cleaned’ my roots, but girls... it added VOLUME, let me tell you. I wish I could say that I got loads of compliments for my newly voluminous, clean-to-the-eye hair, but unfortunately I would be lying…

Day 4: Day four welcomed the beginning of the weekend and a whole new load of grease in my roots (yum), but it was nothing that Batiste couldn’t sort out. Spray, massage, brush. Ta-da! Just like magic, the oiliness in my roots disappeared, bringing tears to my eyes. Although this was mainly because I’d misjudged my angle and got some product in them.

Day 5: The fifth day of my hair journey saw a lazy day on the sofa. A lazy day on the sofa with beautifully Batiste-d hair, that is.

Day 6: By the time the weekend was over and it was back to work, the buildup of product in my hair was beginning to get real. Spray, massage, brush... hmm. Yes, my hair still looked fairly clean, but it felt rather gross if I ran my hands through it.

Day 7: The final day of my super-scientific experiment, and my goodness was I happy about it. My scalp was feeling really itchy from the buildup of product, and I was beginning to see white flakes on my top from where there was so much buildup and I had brushed out the product again. As for how my hair looked? Well, not great. It had separated into sections that looked greasy, and it felt so powdery that I had to wash my hands after touching my hair…

Obviously Batiste is not a replacement of regular shampoo and conditioner, but it certainly can prolong your hair-washing routine if life gets in the way. I think that had I not set myself the week's challenge, I would have washed my hair again on day five, or six at a push.

Overall, Batiste is an amazing product with five main ranges: Fragrance, Volume, Colour, Stylist and Care. This week I was using the Fragrance range and yes, it did smell great, but I think in the future I’ll try the Colour range as I have quite dark hair, and I really had to massage and brush it through to stop my hair from looking grey – because I am definitely not ready for that yet.

Batiste is sold across the UAE. To find out where you can buy it, click here.

Photos: Instagram @batistearabia, and supplied