I tried an ion-enhancing 'smart' face mask and this is what happened

Beauty and technology are two of our favourite things, but when pulled together, how well do smart cosmetics *really* work? We roadtested the slightly scary-looking GLOPulse Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer face mask...
I tried an ion-enhancing 'smart' face mask and this is what happened

Technology is a funny old thing, and with it becoming ever more integrated into our day to day routines, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without it. Amid the latest smart phones, smart TVs and even smart fridges, the beauty industry has also seen a rise in smart cosmetics over recent years, with big brands introducing a range of high-tech beauty products.

From L’Oréal’s Smart Hairbrush to the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush and the HiMirror that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to act as an at-home beauty advisor, the beauty tech field is vast, with skincare being a key focus. Think power cleansers, wrinkle smoothers and rejuvenating face masks with the benefits of a salon facial, but from the comfort of your own home.

We love being the guinea pigs for new products, so if there’s a face mask with an ion enhancer that promises to stimulate our blood circulation, refine our pores, and generally just make our skin look fabulous, then of course we’re going to try it.

Introducing the GLOPulse Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer – the needle-free facial device developed by celebrity skin expert Georgia Louise (@georgialouisesk). To be used with one of three GLOPulse sheet masks, I opted for the Green Mask, as this best suited my oily, combination and sensitive skin type. So with the end goal of lustrous, healthy skin, I applied the face mask, positioned the GLOPulse headband on my cheeks as instructed, and switched it on. Warning: the following images may scare some readers…

The ion enhancer has three settings: Level 1 for sensitive skin, Level 2 for acne-prone skin, and Level 3 for mature skin. Switching the intensity to Level 2, I sat back and let the ions get started.

But how exactly does it work? Each mask is made from bamboo cellulose infused with ionizable essence and natural actives, making it suitable for all skin types. The positive and negative ions from the GLOPulse headband pass through the sheet mask, creating a field and enabling the essences to be pushed deeper into the skin.

During the treatment, I could feel little stinging pulses on my cheeks directly where the headband was sat. As promised on the box, it was a pain-free process but it made my face tingle, which I assumed meant that it was working.

Straight after use, my face felt tighter, smoother and definitely had a glow to it. At the time of the mask, my cheeks had been invaded by spots, but a day or two later and they pretty much vanished, meaning that magic officially does exist, and it's in the shape of the GLOPulse headband.

GLOPulse Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer Headband, Dhs606 at Revolve

GLOPulse Green Mask, Dhs275 at Revolve

Photos: Instagram and supplied