Inside the first Aesop counter in DXB

We took a tour of this shiny new offering and this is what we found...
Inside the first Aesop counter in DXB

Australian skincare brand Aesop is one of the world's best, so Grazia was keen to accept an invite to visit the first counter in Dubai and discover what the range has in store for the region. 

Housed in Bloomingdale's in The Dubai Mall, the counter doesn’t command your attention – but there’s a reason for that. The brand’s motto is to "fit in, not stand out," so no counter is the same across their 150 worldwide stores. Instead, they adapt to their surroundings. Interesting. 

A consistency across almost all worldwide stores, however, is the large marble sink. Here, all skincare demonstrations take place. 

So, let's talk about the products. The most recent line from Aesop is the In Two Minds range, which includes a cleanser, toner and hydrator suited to combination skin. The products also contain witch hazel, leaving skin feeling refreshed. 

Next, we're told how crucial it is to change your skincare regime with the seasons. In particular, your moisturiser. In the summer, a light moisturiser, or just serum, is enough to hydrate. In winter, especially if you travel to cooler climates, you need a more intense moisturiser to nourish dry skin.

Ingredients in products are vital, of course, but we have to admit, we’re suckers for attractive packaging. Minimal and chic, Aseop's are all unisex and housed under a black label, which protects them from the sun. Speaking of which, we’re big fans of the recently launched SPF 30 Protective Facial Lotion, and we're informed the bestsellers in the UAE include this product, plus the Vitamin C range, as it helps enhance skin that has been dulled from the sun over time. 

We also learn that residents from other GCC countries are supporters of the brand, with both men and women coming over to receive skin consultations and buying a range of products for skin, hair and body. In particular, the roll-on deodrant with essential oils and luxury hand washes containing geranium. 

The new counter is now officially up and running, and we have a hunch it's going to do rather well. 

Photos: Supplied