Is bakuchiol the new retinol?

Our favourite skin saviour has some competition
Is bakuchiol the new retinol?

Every skincare enthusiast – a.k.a anyone that does more than wash their face with water – is aware of the almost-magical powers of retinol. The fine-line fighting wonder ingredient is derived from Vitamin A and basically solves every skin woe imaginable. So imagine our amazement when we heard there’s an even better ingredient just breaking into the skincare world. Say hello to Bakuchiol - a plant-based alternative with all the benefits of retinol without the redness and flakiness that some users face.

Herbivore Bakuchiol Serum at Cult Beauty, Dhs215

Originally used in ancient Ayuverdic medicine to treat pretty much everything under the sun (even using it as an anti-venom), the vegan plant-based product is suitable for every skin type unlike its Vitamin A-based alternative.

Oskia London Pro-Collagen Super Serum at Selfridges, Dhs360

Bakuchiol also corrects uneven skin texture, boosts collagen and reduces pigmentation, but without the retinol-induced dryness. Is this the most perfect skincare ingredient yet? We think yes.

Ren Skincare Bio Retinoid Cream at Net-a-Porter, Dhs191

Long-time retinol lovers can simply swap it out for bakuchiol, while this gentle alternative may be a good place to start for those that have always wanted to try retinol but haven’t taken the plunge. 

The Inkey List Bakuchiol Moisturiser at Selfridges, Dhs41

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