Is drone technology the future of smart skincare?

It’s kind of like Amazon Prime but for your skin cells
Is drone technology the future of smart skincare?
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We’re all well-acquainted with the frustration of cult wonder products just not delivering the results we’d like. Though we might happily chalk it up to inadequacies in the product, it’s often actually our skin making things difficult. #Betrayal.

Our skin is quite literally a physical barrier designed to keep everything out; bacteria, irritants, and even skincare products. Often, active ingredients have difficulty penetrating deep enough to have any noticeable effect. As if that isn't discouraging enough, our skin also enzymatically breaks down certain ingredients topically meaning that some skincare components never manage to make it beyond the surface at all. This is where ‘drone technology’ comes in.

If the words ‘drone technology’ have launched you into a daydream about cutting-edge products being delivered straight to your doorstep in a sci-fi fashion, you wouldn’t be entirely off - only a little. Drone technology is an innovation that ensures your skincare products are delivered to exactly where they need to go in the deeper layers of your skin.

The new skincare technique utilises encapsulation technology which involves creating a protective molecular shell around an ingredient. While encapsulation has been around for some time, the actual innovation here is the addition of amino acid ‘markers’ which make encapsulated ingredients more likely to latch onto certain types of cells in the skin. Think of it like GPS for your skincare products.

By sending active ingredients straight to where they're needed in the skin, drone technology preserves their potency and allows them to be released slowly into skin cells, prolonging the skincare benefits. 

The most impressive facet of drone delivery, however, is that it solves problems associated with certain types of active ingredients. It solves the issue of instability in peptides by giving them a stable mode of transport into skin cells, and minimises Vitamin A's risk of skin irritation by ensuring the ingredient is released safely under the epidermis. 

As drone delivery is a growing trend, there are research advancements and more applications of the technology still to come. With time, hyper-efficient products that deliver high-potency actives without irritation could become the new norm. And if that doesn't get you giddy with excitement, we don't know what will.

For now, scroll on for some products that harness this next-gen skincare science.

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