Is this the death of Instagram make-up?

Meghan's bridal 'no make-up' make-up might well be the final kiss goodbye to the kind of beauty designed exclusively to be seen through a lens
Is this the death of Instagram make-up?

Wander into Sephora and you’ll find every brand has a contour kit, an array of highlighters that are probably a little worse for wear, and various foundations that promise to have you selfie-ready in a flash. Instagram make-up has taken the world by storm by redefining the standards of beauty – full-coverage bases, perfectly contoured cheekbones and lashes that could make you airborne in a strong breeze have become the new normal in the beauty world, leaving little room for those of us whose eyelashes fall off before we leave the house.

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Watching Meghan walk down the aisle in little more than a good tinted moisturiser, freckles proudly on show, makes a very strong case for the era of Instagram make-up being on its way out - and we have to say, we, our wallets, and our skin are pretty happy about it. Just picture this: a day where small, multiuse products will finally let us succumb to the micro bag trend! Think blush that doubles as lip tint, and dewy highlighter sticks that rebel against the ‘I can see you from across the street’ Insta-highlight trend.


Laura Mercier is among those paving the way for natural beauty, and lives by the philosophy that “what makes you unique is what makes you beautiful.” Just when we thought we couldn’t love her more. NARS also aims to enhance natural radiance with its second-skin foundation and liquid blushes that give you a subtle flush. Jessica Alba’s brand Honest Beauty is a fan favourite and popular with celebs because of its nourishing properties, chemical-free formulas and light, wearable coverage.

Nudestix is the latest ‘no make-up’ make-up brand making waves in the market and was founded by Jenny Frankel, aka the mind behind MAC’s Studio Fix foundation, and her two daughters Ally and Taylor. Nudestix focuses on enhancing, rather than covering natural features and creates all its products in crayon form for effortless application that can take you from boardroom to ballroom in a few easy swipes. Especially handy if you’re fashionably late and getting ready in an Uber.

Even celebrities are joining the movement – both Christina Aguilera and Tracee Ellis Ross have recently gone barefaced on the covers of magazines, while Alicia Keys has been make-up-free since 2016. Less effort doesn’t have to mean undone - let us refer you back to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, who chose a light base and let her natural radiance shine through on her big day. Perhaps some of that radiance has to do with marrying a prince, but until our day comes, dewy highlighters will have to do. Meghan opted out of full-coverage make-up as she loves embracing her features and showing off her freckles. I mean, if it’s good enough for a royal, right?

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Don’t get us wrong, we love make-up and will never get rid of the countless glitter eyeshadows in our collection, but focusing on wearable beauty that looks good in real-life and on camera - and that’s also good for our skin - sounds like a win-win. Plus, if it means we can sleep in an extra few minutes in the morning, you can count us in.

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