Is this the most rock'n'roll dentist in Dubai?

Dr. Miguel Stanley - quite possibly the suavest dentist in the world - chats to us about how he uses a mix of cutting-edge technology and pro bono cases to make people smile...
Is this the most rock'n'roll dentist in Dubai?

Gone are the days of the annual dental check up, with most of us being fully aware of how important it is to maintain a healthy smile. But with plenty of debate around what that actually is, and a number of options for achieving it, we asked celebrity dental surgeon Dr. Miguel Stanley to clarify, and drill down on everything from celeb trends and life-changing pro-bono cases in the process...

As a Brit born in South Africa and now living in Lisbon, Dr. Miguel is something of a man of the world. His roster of international clients and reputation for nothing but the best gives him a slight Bondesque appeal; suave, super-intelligent and a wee bit jet-set in a very sharp jacket. Hopping between Dubai, London and Beverly Hills, he also finds time to lecture, do Tedx Talks and has also produced a number of smile makeover TV shows in Europe. You may also recognise him from Hollywood reality show, The Doctors. Not a bad CV.

As one of the top dental surgeons in the world, we're more than a bit excited that he is now on hand for residents across the region at The Nova Clinic on Al Wasl Road in Dubai. Having worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, his focus is on deep transformative smile design - and from what we can tell, he’s light years beyond your normal dentist.

For a start, everything Dr. Miguel does for his patients is utterly bespoke, telling us how he uses state-of-the-art technology to map out treatment plans and then digitally design the ideal smile, ensuring that the colour, size and proportion are perfectly matched to the individual. "It’s even possible to take a celebrity smile and recreate something completely identical if I have that person's smile scanned into my computer using specialist software," he explains.

Even after talking to Dr. Miguel for a few minutes, it's clear that there's so much more to his dentistry than just veneers and teeth whitening. He tells us that he's worked on some of the most complex cases of dental surgery, transforming what he calls a "broken smile" with advanced implant and cosmetic dentistry to not only fix, but reconstruct and build a person’s smile. He insists, however, that no one dentist can do this on their own. He has a handpicked expert team of global designers and dentists from Egypt, São Paulo, Brazil, LA, Madrid, Lisbon and Dubai to help.

For example, at Dubai's Nova Clinic Dr. Miguel is working closely with Dr. Mohammed Sarris, who is the day-to-day contact for patients in the region, whilst the full team will be connected by the cloud to create and execute the devised plan. This means that for one mouth, there can be a team of more than 20 people working to achieve the desired smile, although he describes himself as both architect and engineer, meaning that he's the brains behind the operation.

All this means that he’s able to look at a person’s smile from both an aesthetic point of view and also - in more severe cases - from a reconstruction angle, too, where he’s able to remodel the bones as well as look at the best options to repair damaged gums.

Aside from all that, however, is his passion for ethical dentistry and his bold statement of calling for the end of the ‘Hollywood Smile’. With the plastic surgery industry increasingly under scrutiny for pressuring people into becoming ‘perfect', Dr. Miguel is breaking the mould, stating that good dentistry - just like good plastic surgery - should be invisible. If that means the end for cookie-cutter grins and blindingly white veneers, then we're in.

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