Is this the secret to flawless foundation?

Fenty Beauty is helping us avoid the dreaded foundation line
Is this the secret to flawless foundation?

Picture this: arm full of swatches, you gleefully head to the Sephora cashier with your new foundation. Eager to use it, you apply it as soon as you get home, only to think “Why’s it so… orange?” And then you realise – you’ve been a victim of florescent lighting. Again.

First you're asked to choose the model with the most similar skin tone to your own

Enter Fenty Beauty. Their website now offers a shade finder that’ll not only tell you your Pro Filt’r Foundation shade, but also your shade in all their other products too (that includes concealer, setting powder, bronzer and more), alongside tips from make-up artists.

Then you identify which jewellery you look best in

Followed by a question on how your skin reacts in the sun

All you have to do is take a six-question quiz about your skin tone, which includes questions about the colour of your veins and how your skin reacts to the sun, and the tool will reveal your shade. That’s it. Who knew it could be so simple?

6 questions later and you've got your perfect match

  • Try out Fenty's Shade Finder here

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