K-hair is the new trend that will make your locks shine for days

It turns out a healthy scalp is the root of great hair – literally!
K-hair is the new trend that will make your locks shine for days

It’s hard to remember a time before Korean beauty products were taking over our regimes, and to be honest we now can’t imagine our lives without them. Whilst we’re all very familiar with our pre-bedtime 10-step skincare routine, there’s always new ideas coming from the East, and more recently we're noticing that the detailed multi-cleanse ideas of K-beauty skincare are spilling over into haircare. Think sheet masks, mists and essences - but for hair.

Korean hair – or K-hair – focuses on unique methods that achieve a healthy scalp and shiny hair. Where most haircare focuses on the hair itself, K-hair shifts the focus from strand care to scalp care. We know it’s easy to forget, but our scalps are skin too, meaning that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.

To achieve a healthy scalp, it's important to remove dead skin cells and product build-up, which also helps to relieve itchiness. Scalp exfoliators or scalers are crucial products here. Different from your regular shampoo, they work to remove dandruff, dirt and build-up from the scalp. Gross, we know. Scalp exfoliators are even thought to help prevent hair loss and are usually used pre-shampooing as a ‘shampoo booster’.

Scalp massaging is also a popular method, as it helps to stimulate the blood flow and lift dirt and excess oil, and hair sheet masks are also key in K-hair. Sheet masks act as an all-round treatment for both scalp and strands, a perfect little two-in-one deal.

So scalp care will help make our hair healthy, which in turn will help to achieve our glossy hair dreams. But of course, K-hair has plenty of treatments to help reach optimum shine, with hair serums and hair mists being preferable.

Hair serums are the simplest way to achieve shiny hair, but make sure you apply just to the ends of your hair to avoid making it greasy. Hair mists can also achieve the same result and are sometimes preferred over serums, as they are lighter and don’t weigh hair down. Here are some of Grazia’s top K-hair inspired picks available in the region…

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