Kylie Jenner's Stormi filter was created by a Dubai-based beauty blogger

Butterfly effect
Kylie Jenner's Stormi filter was created by a Dubai-based beauty blogger

From outfit posts to beauty releases, anything Kylie Jenner puts her name to causes a media storm, and her latest make-up collection inspired by her daughter Stormi is no exception. 

To mark the occasion, Kylie Cosmetics has also released a Stormi butterfly Instagram filter, which was designed by Dubai blogger Sophie Katirai.

Taking to Instagram on 7 January, Sophie shared her creation and said she was inspired to come up with the design after seeing a picture of Kylie with butterflies in her hair from the Stormi collection campaign shoot.

And it seems that Kylie was so inspired by Sophie’s work, she has since bought the rights to use the filter across her channels.

Announcing it on her own Instagram page, Kylie wrote, “Loved this look so much we had to make a filter. How beautiful are these shadows from the Stormi Collection? Save the filter from my stories or check out the tab under the @kyliecosmetics page. I can’t wait for this collection to launch on February 1st!”

"I'd left comments on Kylie and her makeup artist Ariel’s Instagram page saying that I’d created a filter inspired by her butterfly look and that’s how they discovered it," Sophie shared with Grazia. "Her team reached out to me saying that Kylie had seen the filter and loved it! I feel so lucky to have been able to use my passion for art, design and beauty to create a filter for one of the most iconic beauty brands today.”

In less than 24 hours after its launch, the Instagram post announcing the butterfly filter gained over 4.3 million likes, and Sophie has plans to work with Kylie’s team on more filters in the future. 

The butterfly effect in action, we think you'll agree. 

Photos: Instagram