Wet. Squeeze. Bounce. So goes the mantra of every girl worth her Beautyblender – the make-up sponge to end them all

There really aren’t that many people who can claim to have legitimately changed the way the world puts its face on. Rea Ann Silva, the fierce, fabulous brains behind the neon-pink, egg-shaped revolution, however, can.

Rea Ann Silva

“The nicest compliment I get is that Beautyblender is a game-changer. That takes my breath away,” she told Grazia on a recent trip to Dubai. “Especially since at the start I had nothing but naysayers. When there’s nothing like it on the market, you have more of those than supporters. But that just motivated me because, as a professional, I knew it worked.”

She’s referring to her impressive 25-year tenure as a Hollywood make-up artist, working with everyone from Annie Leibovitz to P. Diddy. It was then that she began hand-cutting sponges to evolve the perfect size. “I was only making it for make-up artists at first. I thought I’d maybe make a little supplemental income to put my kids in college. Now, to be sitting on this amazing deck and looking at the Burj Al Arab… this was never part of my plan. I couldn’t dream that big! I just wanted to be able to go into the mall in my neighbourhood and see it in the Sephora window. That was it.”

Now, the brand’s one-million-strong following on Instagram is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reach. You can’t swing a contour kit on social media without seeing dozens of pink eggs. “That was unintentional! The sample came from the factory in a box that said ‘Ignore the colour!’. But I couldn’t – it was like a beam of light.”

Beautyblender at Sephora

A coterie of Micro Minis, blotting cushions and now, the Liner Designer – a tool created to demystify the application of eyeliner – have joined the BB ranks. “My fantasy was a girl at a club that’s been dancing too much. She goes to the bathroom, sticks her Liner Designer to the mirror and does her eyeliner,” she tells us, using the mini sucker cup that comes with it to play out this club-bathroom scenario.

She’s dressed in a neon-pink shirt – naturally – and every bit as fun and energetic as her brainchild. It seems only right that she would have inspired the playful viral whirlwind that was girls everywhere sending a picture of the BB to their boyfriends and asking them to guess what it was. “That was hilarious!” she laughs. “It really never fails to surprise me where a ‘mature’ male mind can go.”

It’s testament to its cult levels of fame that it could kick off such online revelry. Everyone from Kim K to our very own Huda Kattan, and millions of ‘real’ girls in between, own one and have never looked back. So, inevitably, foundation is next – right? “If I told you, I’d have to kill you,” she winks. “All I’m saying is, it would be sad if I left this Earth and didn’t try. But you didn’t hear it from me!”

Dhs84 Blotterazzi Pro blotting cushions at SephoraDhs174 Blendercleanser at Sephora

Photos: Supplied and Instagram /@beautyblender