Meet the female founders pushing for clean green beauty and authenticity in the online space

The number of options for sustainable or conscious beauty products can be overwhelming. To find out the true benefits of going green, Grazia speaks to the founders of Dubai-based POWDER…
Meet the female founders pushing for clean green beauty and authenticity in the online space

Amina Grimen and Ayat Toufeeq - the founders of Dubai-based POWDER

“We started Powder when we realised that we were both going through similar skincare journeys,” explains Amina Grimen and Ayat Toufeeq, the founders of Powder, a Dubai-based beauty e-commerce site. “We were both struggling to find the guidance we needed to help us solve our skincare problems, and didn’t have access to the exciting niche products that we had been reading about in blogs and following on Instagram, locally.”

They don’t believe that clean, safe formulations should be a luxury – they should be accessible to everyone, which is why they focus on on natural and ethically minded products. “This is also an extension of our brand ethos, which is to focus on perfecting the basics. We believe in a clean, effortless approach which enhances rather than conceals your real beauty.”

In attempts to further promote this, Powder recently launched an online street casting call via Instagram, calling out for real women – rather than influencers – for ambassadors who will go on to create authentic content with honest product reviews

Some argue that when it comes to problematic skin, certain chemicals are needed, but the female team behind Powder strongly believe that they can be just as effective. “‘Clean’ [can be] a vague term and we are the first to admit this,” they state.

“But what it means to us is that the products we retail are made without ingredients which have been associated with health risks.” Aware that there are always safer, better-quality alternatives, Powder wants to give its customers access to them, to spread awareness, and most importantly, empower their customers to make better choices for themselves.

Clean skincare may be more widely accessible, but makeup on the other hand, can be harder to source: “it was difficult to find [products] which are as pigmented and long-lasting as conventional make-up – usually loaded with preservatives and potentially harmful pigments – but now it is also becoming easier to find luxurious clean cosmetics which blur this line.”

ILIA Beauty is one of their favourite brands and the Limitless Lash Mascara is the brand’s best-seller, which they can’t recommend this enough. “We are also excited to be introducing a whole new range of ILIA products from next month,” they reveal. “So, watch this space.”

When it comes to the green side of the equation, we asked just how beneficial switching to eco-conscious beauty products is to the environment, and they clarified that is really is. With immediate effect: “we sometimes forget that we, as consumers, have a lot of power when it comes to influencing trends with what we purchase.

For example, the more we make clean, sustainable choices in terms of our spending, the higher the standard becomes for conventional brands as they try to keep up with growing expectations when it comes to sustainable, cruelty-free production and packaging. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

When it comes to hand-selecting the brands they back, the Powder pair pay close attention to packaging and production, as well as brand messaging and the quality of ingredients; “we look at so many different factors when it comes to choosing brands to support. We do a ton of research, and try all the products ourselves so we are comfortable getting behind what we are selling and making honest recommendations.”

Powder is currently going through a period of growth, and will be introducing a number of new clean brands over the course of the next year. They can’t reveal anything specific just yet, but call to you to follow them on Instagram and stay tuned for details. 

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