Power-piercer Maria Tash has set up shop in the Middle East. Here's why it's a big deal

She went from piercing her friends’ ears at home to launching a global jewellery line. Here, Grazia speaks with Maria Tash as she becomes the first luxury piercing destination in the Middle East and sets up a permanent home in Dubai
Power-piercer Maria Tash has set up shop in the Middle East. Here's why it's a big deal

If the word piercing makes you shudder and grab your ear lobes protectively, you need to uncover them so you can hear us out. We imagine you’re remembering the not-so glamorous process of getting your ears pierced with a basic silver stud while sat in the shop window of Claire’s Accessories, but today, it’s all about fine-jewellery piercings curated to genuinely complement your face.

How does this work, exactly? We’ll pass you over to celebrity piercing expert Maria Tash, who recently opened her first store in The Dubai Mall. The New Yorker, who opened her first shop in the city in 1993, has revolutionised ear piercing by developing a technique through which each client's personal style, complexion and anatomy guide a bespoke combination of studs and rings, combined to best flatter the wearer's ears. She has also modernised and elevated piercing jewellery through design, with the use of thinner and stronger gold, resulting in a more delicate and refined aesthetic.

“Our job is to have fun and create a unique combination for each person,” Maria explains to Grazia on a phone call from the Big Apple. “We tend to fit pieces close to the body as it is a central philosophy of my company that jewellery is a second skin. Pieces should not interact with clothing or hair, and can be worn continuously for years if desired.”

She adds, “A well-curated ear can even draw the eye away from facial flaws, scars or moles and attracts the observer to notice the beauty of the jewellery and away from anatomical imperfections.” 

Maria is providing a new opportunity to women in the Middle East 

And while the unique style of piercing, loved by stars including Rihanna and Blake Lively, is incredibly interesting, what makes the store really special is the news that Maria Tash is the Middle East’s first non-medical shop licensed to perform piercings in the UAE. “This is a wonderful feeling,” Maria admits. “I'm delighted to bring my designs and expertise to Dubai. Working with clients from many countries in the Middle East has been a source of inspiration and has allowed me to grow as a jewellery designer.”

A far cry from those Claire’s Accessories days, Maria Tash’s store features four custom piercing rooms and a VIP lounge. Here, you can browse signature fine jewellery with a price point from Dhs110 to thousands of dirhams in a space full of soft grey tones and plenty of glass.

Maria tells Grazia she is 'thrilled' to secure a home in the prestigious Dubai Mall

The final question on our lips is this: how many piericngs does Maria have? “It's about quality, not quantity. I value the pieces I have and the placements of my piercings over the number I have collected,” she replies. “That said,” she smiles, “I have 11 collectively on both ears, a double nostril, septum and navel.” We've got a lot of catching up to do. 

  • The Maria Tash piercing parlour and jewellery shop is located on the first floor of Fashion Avenue at The Dubai Mall 

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