Ramadan Beauty Reflections: Noora Shawqi

The Creative Director of Noora Shawqi Jewellery UAE lets us in on her Holy Month beauty secrets
Ramadan Beauty Reflections: Noora Shawqi

How does your beauty routine differ during Ramadan compared to the rest of the year?

During Ramadan, I try to keep myself hydrated as much as possible, as dry skin is very common. I add deep moisturising creams to my daily routine to avoid drying out my skin.

How do you beat dehydration?

After iftar, I drink lots and lots of water along with clean food and applying a good cream. I strongly believe that we have to cleanse ourselves from the inside in order to have a good effect on our appearance. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is my go-to product during Ramadan. It hydrates and re-energises my skin really well. I have also invested in a mixture of deep moisturising face masks from Japan, which are an amazing addition to my skincare routine.

How much make-up do you wear during Ramadan?

I avoid using foundation during Ramadan. Instead I replace it with a CC cream by IT Cosmetics and a simple bronzer. However, if there are any big gatherings or formal events, I wear foundation.

Describe a typical day during Ramadan.

My days are very different during Ramadan. Having my own business allows me to have a late start. My day starts at 12.30pm, when my son is back from nursery, and it continues with me shuffling between spending time with him and getting some work done. Iftar is a special time during which our family gathers together and spends quality time. We attend taraweeh prayers at the mosque or at home and then, come 9.30pm, the family gather around the majlis. It is always a full house during Ramadan and although we gather at the same place every night, we meet different people every day. I feel really special having the chance to spend time with all of them during this meaningful month. My days end at around 1am and around 3 or 4am during the weekends.

Could you offer any advice on how to stay healthy during Ramadan?

My advice would be not to overeat during iftar. However, I often find it difficult to follow that! I used to overeat but I soon realized it wasn’t the best decision which led me to reduce my meals at Iftar, which works better for me.

What does Ramadan mean to you?

Ramadan for me is a month dedicated to cleansing my soul. It helps make me a better person in every way and brings everyone together which is always a blessing. It’s definitely my favourite time of the year.

During Ramadan, does your style change?

Forget the jeans and T-shirts. I don’t wear those for a month! I adopt a more serene style as I only wear jalabiyas during Ramadan. It is tradition to wear them during this month and because of that we get our jalabiyas and kaftans ready months in advance as tailors are often swamped with many orders.


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