Relight your fire with the most covetable candles around

Cosy Christmas nights call for seasonal new flames

Coming in from the cool (yes, Dubai’s temperature drops too) and lighting your favourite wick is practically medicinal in the winter months. Which explains why Net-a-Porter notices a seasonal 180 per cent spike of scented candle sales during December. “Candles are part of our armour against winter,” explains Tom Daxon, Founder and Creative Director of his eponymous fragrance brand. “The trick to making them last is to burn them for two hours on the first lighting.” This way, the wax will melt into a pool all the way to the edge, encouraging an even burn. “Also, before each burn, trim the wick to about 5mm to stop the flame from being too strong, preventing that black smoke.” To help you choose your perfect match, we’ve collated the most moreish Christmas candles, from warming spicy scents to sophisticated foral blends. Enjoy.