Skip-care is the latest K-Beauty trend that lazy girls will love

Radiant skin and extra time in bed? Count us in
Skip-care is the latest K-Beauty trend that lazy girls will love

Picture this: it’s 3am. You’re in bed and realise you haven’t taken off your make-up. (Hey, it happens). The thought of your rigorous 10-step routine seems ridiculously unappealing. Sound familiar? Well, we’ve got just the solution.

Skip-care is Korea’s newest (and laziest) beauty trend, and we couldn't be more excited. K-beauty has taken the world by storm, and we can understand why – their clear, dewy skin is what skincare dreams are made of. The skin-savvy nation had us all emptying our wallets and following their strict routines in the hope of happy, hydrated skin. But it’s all gotten a bit much for Korean millennials (us too), and they’ve decided that less is more. Skip-care is all about minimalism and cutting your routine down to the absolute essentials. We’ll be getting rid of our foot mask, then.

Drunk Elephant is 2018's skincare hero

Skip-care emphasises the use of multifunctional products, where you’ll still get the benefits you need without adding excessive amounts of product. This new approach is encouraged by skincare professionals, since piling on the products is likely causing more harm than good by clogging pores and confusing your skin – which is especially true for those of us that are sensitive to super-rich products.

Sheet masks are a K-beauty must have

So, which goodies make the cut? A good cleanser is a must, as well as a hydrating serum and a moisturiser – and make sure to keep sunblock as part of your morning routine to protect your skin from those harmful rays. Don’t get us wrong, we still love a sheet mask, (and the look on our other half’s face when they walk in on us wearing it), so we’re not saying give them up completely. Pamper yourself, just let your skin breathe and enjoy a more relaxed routine – and a few more minutes in bed.

Here are some of our favourite essentials:

This serum firms, brightens, reduces signs of ageing AND fights the effects of pollution. No wonder it's become one of the most-loved products of the year.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum at Cult Beauty, Dhs320.

Shiseido's jelly lotion plumps and hydrates the skin with it's gel-to-liquid formula, leaving you with soft, dewy skin and minimised pores. 

Shiseido Fresh Jelly Lotion at Ounass, Dhs147

This fan-favourite cleansing balm removes even the most stubborn makeup, and turns into a luxiourious cleansing oil when mixed with water, leaving you with squeaky-clean skin. 

Clinique Cleansing Balm at Selfridges, Dhs123

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