SOS: Natasha Denona's Bronze collection is here to save our summer

Welcome to you all-year-round post-vacation glow
SOS: Natasha Denona's Bronze collection is here to save our summer

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Basking in the sun, pool-dipped escapades and that sun-kissed skin,  skin so radiant you’re the envy of the office... Remember those days? Nope, us neither.

In 2020, summer vacays took on a different meaning (duh): we’re hunkered down at home, in front of blue-light emitting screens with sheet masks and moisturisers taking over our beauty regime. After all, why bother with a bold lip if a) we can’t really go out and b) even if do, our perfect pout will be covered up with a mask? So, we’re sticking to skin. But better yet, why not skin that’s forging summer’s forgivable, healthy, natural-looking bronzed glow?!

Our thoughts exactly when Sephora Middle East invited us on a Zoom call with renowned make-up artist, Natasha Denona, for their exclusive launch of the Bronze Collection, which basically - for the lack of a better adjective - is the new “I-woke-up-like-this.”

During our socially distanced date, Natasha talked us through how to get the ultimate, glow-from-within bronzy look, demoing her latest palettes via Zoom - while also giving her tips away for the perfect Zoom make-up (sorry, not sorry: we had to ask).

The new collection includes an eyeshadow palette, cheek and lip candies that survive not only Dubai’s heat, but with its versatility, innovative and fail-safe formula - will likely become our new go-to in our make-up bags.

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette Dhs255

Natasha’s aim was to create, in her own words, “Makeup looks for everyday.” Spoiler alert: it clearly worked. Starting with the eyes, the “Bronze Palette” packs buttery smooth, hydrating eyeshadow formulas, providing a comfortable all-day wear, suiting just any skin tone. “I wanted to make this palette a little bit more versatile. You have red undertones with the coppery bronze as well as cold-toned hues, so you can really match what you’re wearing,” she added.

The palette’s genius lies in Natasha’s simple system to creating her signatures: “Pro, but user-friendly.” With the Bronze Palette, she noted, “You can create a whole look using a row - whether that’s horizontal, vertical, or diagonal - or a quad.” This is great for those of us less initiated in the world of eyeshadows.

The mattes are less intimidating thanks to the wet-looking powder formula that’s a tiny bit creamy, blending seamlessly into the crease. The metallics complement the bronzy shades, adding a  “pop of colour,” doubling again as a wet-powder formula, which “feels like you’re working with a cream,” resulting in a creamy foil finish and best applied with your fingers according to Natasha. Bringing it home, the dual chromes provide that glow we’re all after: “Very beautiful jewel tones that are just so beautiful on the eyes!”

Natasha’s ultimate tip? “Use dark shades closer to the lash line and metallics on the eyelid.” She recommended using the medium-matte eyeshadows in the crease with a dense brush, buffing on the outer corner. If you have hooded eyes, don’t fret. "Open your eyes and check if the eyeshadow sits high enough to lift the eye. Don’t be afraid to go higher," Natasha emphasised. To get those beautiful awake, well-defined eyes, blend the outer corner diagonally, on one third of the eye, buffing from the outwards in using the shade “Deep Dive.”

“Beach” is the perfect shade to transition, soften and diffuse the look: “Don’t press too much and blend with soft strokes. To do so, hold your brush away for longer and softer strokes,” Natasha urged. To finish your look, connect your lower lash line with the outer thirds of the lid. Use a dry eyeshadow on the lower lash and to define the upper lash line for a “soft eyeliner look,” using “Beach” to soften lower lash line. The shape you should strive for? “Go for an elongated cat-eye shape as stretched shapes awaken the eye, versus  round shapes make you look tired.”

Now, the tip that will absolutely rock your world? For a wet, intense pigment finish - instead of spraying your brush - use a wet-wipe on your finger, then dip your fingers in the shadow and apply it to the eye. Try with the shade named “True Bronze” (and gram away).

Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette Dhs215

To complete glimmering bronzy eyes, Natasha rolled out the fourth edit of her infamous Bloom, Tan & Love Glow Palettes, this time dubbed Bronze Cheek Glow Face Palette.

What is it? A bouncy formula with a tinted glow finish. Think metallic brown and incandescent champagne shades to enhance your natural features. The hybrid formula stays like a powder, so you won’t have to worry about it melting down your face (a huge bonus point for cream products).

The best part? It’s a truly versatile product at work: you can use the Face Glow Palette on your eyes and even on your lips for a healthy, all over glow. For darker skin tones, it’s gorgeous as a cream highlighter. For lighter skin tones, it works beautifully as a cream blush. To achieve a glow-from-within look, Natasha urged us to touch up any cream highlighter with a powder highlighter in order to really maximise the glow - an advice taken.

Natasha Denona LIP OH-PHORIA gloss & balms in Nude, Tan Nude and Chestnut Dhs105 each

Finishing off your summery, sun-kissed glow is the limited edition LIP OH-PHORIA gloss & balm. Are they glosses? Yes and no. The lip balms look like a gloss, but in reality they are nourishing, plumping  wonders for your pout. You get super juicy shine, long-term plumping thanks to the collagen promoting  moist & repair active, and a comfortable 8 hour wear due to emollient esters. The application is effortless, drenching your lips in high gloss, pigmented colour made with the luminous duo chrome colour. A blessing in disguise…

Are you ready for your year-round vacation glow? As for Grazia HQ, you bet we are. 

At last, should you have more Zoom calls scheduled, here are Natasha’s tips for the perfect Zoom makeup:

  •  “Lighting is super important, so make sure you’re facing the window during the call.”
  • “Don’t do strong makeup on the cheeks, or under the eyes!”
  • “Highlight! Then, just turn your head side to side to see the glow. It’s so much fun!”

Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection is available at

Photos: Jason Llyod-Evans and supplied