Team Grazia created our very own bespoke perfume and you can do it too

The challenge: can we create a scent that everyone on the team loves equally? Listing our favourite fragrance notes, we headed to perfume house EX NIHILO to breathe Eau de Grazia into life...
Team Grazia created our very own bespoke perfume and you can do it too

If you're used to announcing your arrival at chic soirées around town with, "I'm here, ladies!", rather than making guests aware of your presence simply by your fine fragrance, Grazia is here to help. 

We'd like to think that having an beautiful signature scent is one of life's requirements - but with the overwhelming amount of fragrances available, it's easy to fall at the first hurdle and believe the sales rep when they say, "It really suits you!" It really doesn't. 

Enter luxury Parisian perfume house EX NIHILO, that offers a fragrance customisation experience where both men and women can create their own demi-bespoke scent. Team Grazia decided this would be a wonderful day activity, so booked an appointment at the concession stand in Bloomingdale's and eagerly put a temporary 'out of office' on. Sorry, boss.  

Before the big day out to The Dubai Mall, each of the Grazia team listed their favourite notes in a perfume. From Cedar, Bergamot, Oud and Neroli – it looked like we were going to be creating quite the concoction.

Upon arrival, we sniffed our way through a multitude of aromas before deciding Fleur Narcotique was our winner (the fact it is designed for a sophisticated and seductive woman helped its selection).

Its delicious floral notes included Bergamot, Lychee and Peach, with a heart of Jasmine, Peony and Orange Blossom. The base consisted of Transparent Wood (nope, we haven’t got a clue either) Moss and Musk. To make it our own, we opted to add a top note of Orange Flower .

The big, gold machine called the Osmologue mixes the notes and then a mini whisk (again, bear with us) gets to work and blends the fragrance. Within half an hour, you're all done - but advised to let the perfume sit for a week to allow the scent to dilute further (and possibly slightly change colour), before you open it up for use.

There's no denying this would make the perfect gift for someone special, but if you're not confident you could create your significant other’s new signature scent, don’t panic, because you can buy an empty bottle and the lucky receiver can take it to the concession stand and create their own from scratch.

It’s quite incredible to think that the brand, whose name EX NIHILO is Latin for 'out of nothing', only started four years ago. In that time the young and edgy perfume house has spread its luxury message on a global scale, and now runs an impressive 70 stores.

But what did the team think? Well they haven't stopped spraying themselves since we got the bottle back to the office, and have now asked for candles to be created in the same scent. #Demanding.

Find the EX NIHILO concession stand in Bloomingdales within the Dubai Mall. Total price is Dhs1,480 including customisation for a 50ml bottle. 

Photos: Supplied