The Instagram make-up trends you'll be obsessing over next

AKA Instaception 2.0…
The Instagram make-up trends you'll be obsessing over next

Ever since the rise of Instagram beauty stars, we've become fixated with our feeds to see what new creativity we'll be obsessing over next. And with the Insta-beauty crowd showing no signs of slowing down, we’re never waiting too long before a new trend crops up on the 'gram.

Usually accused of over-editing and over-contouring, we've started to see a new, more artistic, side to Instagram make-up. Starting with the Instaception trend in August this year, a new reel of looks have appeared in our feeds that also follow the same illusionary aspect. Here are some of our faves...

Puzzling Pieces

We love this trend for its almost direct continuation on from Instaception. A mostly bare face with a few puzzle shapes creating a partial jigsaw of a make-up look, the trend directly juxtaposes a flawless Instagram make-up with the artist’s bare face.

Social Politics

Another intriguing trend that follows on from Instaception, and one that faces the politics of social media. Artists have interpreted this concept slightly differently, with the use of the Instagram ‘like’ and ‘comment’ icons staying continuous. The trend cleverly references the continuing debates around social media and the unhealthy obsession that society has with comparing our lives to those portrayed on it.


This selfie inception idea lends a similar notion to the trends above, with the concept surrounding the idea that we often live through our phones nowadays. A clever idea and brilliantly executed – we wish we were this talented.

Art Attack

This notion has more of a fun factor, with Instagram beauty stars celebrating the arts with a colourful stripe ‘painted’ down the centre of the face and the rest blocked out.

Photos: Instagram @makeupmouse @nicoleetait @mimles @abbyrobertsartistry @yamelarriagaxo