The Luxe List: 8 new beauty launches that will raise your heart rate

Introducing the most covetable products in the world, with style, substance and capital-C chic...
The Luxe List: 8 new beauty launches that will raise your heart rate

1. Dress up your lipstick

Louis Vuitton lipstick holder, Dhs5,300

If your lipstick is looking a little under-dressed, then it might be time to invest in some logomania for your favourite red. Louis Vuitton has just launched a monogrammed bullet case that is inspired by designs from the 1920s, when women had a penchant for wearing pendant holders for both make-up and fragrance. This comes in two colourways (chocolate or tan), is spacious enough for two lipsticks, and comes complete with a handy in-built mirror. Of course, it can also be used to hold cash, keys or gum and worn cross-body style or as a long necklace – the possibilities are limitless, and let’s face it, it’s sooo much more portable than one of their trunks.

2. A brush with greatness

Artis brush set, Dhs1,550

The ergonomically designed tool set, Dhs1,550, by Artis, will up your make-up artistry game. Borrowing the Latin word for ‘skill’, these are the Maseratis of make-up brushes. They are densely packed with cashmere-soft fibres (the Oval 10 Brush has a staggering 250,000 strands, each with a microscopically tiny tip – three microns to be exact – which can’t be seen with the naked eye), and, crucially, the bristles maintain their shape. The ergonomic handles are weight-balanced to help with application, while the 24-carat finish makes for everyday luxury on the vanity (there’s no hiding these away in the drawer). Plus, they have some great eco-credentials and are vegan and cruelty-free.

3. Helping hands

La Mer The Hand Serum, Dhs390

Our hands take a lot more abuse than our faces do, so you need to offer those digits some extra defence against the Middle East’s hostile environment and the threat of ageing. Relief comes from the sea, in the form of Crème de la Mer’s The Hand Serum, which is the latest product from the Miracle Broth family. The serum is silky, luxurious feeling and smooths the surface of the skin by upping hydration. It also clarifies for a more even tone, and strengthens the epidermis, increasing the hands’ resilience to the effects of environmental exposure.

4. A bright spark 

Baobab Collection Candle Lighter, Dhs694 at Amara

The Baobab Candle Lighter has to be the most lust-worthy and glamorous fire-starter we’ve ever encountered. With its mirror-like stainless steel body and luxe super-soft leather that comes in five different shades (from bright orange and red to taupe and monochrome), it’s the perfect gadget to light up your life. Plus, luxury candles make for the ultimate dinner-party accoutrement.

5. Haute hair

Acqua di Parma Hair Mist in Magnolia Nobile, Dhs162

Fragrant hair mists are having a beauty moment and are the smarter spritz when it comes to your mane. Regular perfumes can fade colour, become cloying, and dry out your locks. Acqua di Parma’s new Hair Mist bestows your barnet one of the brand’s signature scents. Choose from Magnolia Nobile, with zesty top notes mixed with creamy white floral; Peonia Nobile, which boasts notes of fruity raspberry, black pepper, rose and freesia; or Rosa Nobile, which exudes a feminine and pretty floral. All three are loaded with conditioning agents, so they perfume and perfect from root to tip.

6. Lipstick Couture

La Bouche Rouge in Regal Red lipstick, from Dhs615

If you’re looking for that perfect lipstick shade to suit you, with brilliant eco-credentials (it’s sustainable and plastic-free) and something that looks like it’s straight out of the Hermès store, then let us introduce you to the latest in maquillage: La Bouche Rouge. You send a swatch – be it a discontinued product or a picture of any shade – and let their machine and algorithm do the rest. Then you can also choose from a double-tanned calfskin (in white, black, beige, or red), along with personalised monogramming.

7. Get your rocks on

Nurse Jamie NuVibe RX, Dhs350 at Revolve

They may look like surface sparkle and vanity-worthy only, but crystal beauty gadgets have hidden depths. Nurse Jamie’s NuVibe RX’s soothing amethyst crystal head vibrates at 6,000 pulses per minute and helps to refresh and restore a tired face, boost collagen and refine the jawline. If Hollywood devotees are anything to go by – think Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, and Emily Ratajkowski – then this could be your brilliant at-home beauty solution too.

8. Bringing sexy back

Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia, Dhs1,265

Tom Ford has delved into his perfume vault and brought back eight of his most seductive fragrances. This limited edition line-up, the Private Blend Reserve Collection, includes a re-formulated Velvet Gardenia with a heady touch of jasmine, and the concoction developed for a sheikh. Arabian Wood is described as a modern chypre-style with a heady mix of florals, spices, exotic woods and orris, which captures the traditions of Middle Eastern perfumery and modern scents just perfectly.

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