These 5 make-up artists are giving us major Halloween inspo

Just call us the Cady Heron of Halloween...
These 5 make-up artists are giving us major Halloween inspo

October is well and truly upon us, which means it’s nearly time for one of the most exciting days of the year – Halloween. 

If you’re anything like us, getting dressed up and maxing out all Halloween-y possibilities for one night of the year is some of the most fun you’ll have. Yeah, we know we aren’t kids any more... but dressing up is fun for adults too. I guess you can consider us the Cady Herons of Halloween – we take it v. seriously. And yes, we’ve been planning our ensembles for months.

So with all the excitement building as the day draws ever closer, we’ve found five make-up artists that are serving some serious Halloween inspo...

Anna Lingis

Anna's make-up skills are vast. From dark artworks to fun, girly creations, her intricate detailing is enough to get even the most uninspired enthusiastic about Halloween.

Heather Moorhouse

If you want something fun and colourful, 'Make-up Mouse' is the inspiration you need. Her #mouseofhorrors series works past the usual confines that come with Halloween, demonstrating that anything goes.

Bryony Campbell

A lover of all things sparkly? Get looking in Bryony's direction. A super-talented make-up and hair stylist, she creates amazing looks, almost always with a hint of glitter.


Winner of the NYX Face Awards earlier this year, Yana creates really cool, detailed artworks, and well as some creepily surreal make-up looks.

Karolina Maria Griciute

From full zombie looks, to subtle bullet wounds, blood, guts, and gore come in all different forms on Karolina's Instagram feed.

Photos: Instagram @annalingis @makeupmouse @bryonycampbellmua @real.alterface @karolinagriciute @thriftyatx