These 5 Sustainable Beauty Brands Now Offer Refillable Packaging in the UAE

Because the best type of beauty is eco-friendly
These 5 Sustainable Beauty Brands Now Offer Refillable Packaging in the UAE

Sustainability in the beauty world is no longer an afterthought, nor is it just restricted to the use of responsibly-sourced ingredients. The beauty industry has now stepped up to combat the problem of excess packaging, with brands becoming more aware of the damage caused by single-use plastic. Eco-friendly beauty brands now let you refill your empty shampoo and perfume bottles in-store, or get make-up refills for your go-to blush and bronzer - they simply slot in replaceable metal trays into your existing containers. These often cost less, giving beauty-lovers an added incentive: they’re saving money while preserving the planet. Result!

Here are five DXB outlets offering refills both in-store and online:

Le Labo

We have all come to swear by Le Labo’s hand-blended fragrances and cult-favourite Santal 33. Bottled in clear glass jars with pared-back labels, their products come packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes sans plastic wrap. The brand also offers an in-store service that enables you to refill your empty fragrance bottle for a 20 per cent discount. As it is, we're always looking for excuses to step into their Instagrammable new store.

  • Le Labo - The Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall - First Floor, Dubai

MAC Cosmetics

Well before most brands joined the sustainable bandwagon, MAC was running their ‘Back to MAC’ programme that allows you to return six empty MAC containers in exchange for a new lipstick of your choice. The brand has also been reselling refill versions of eyeshadows, concealers, blush and powders that come in metal pans as opposed to plastic containers.

  • M.A.C - The Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall - Second Floor, Dubai or


The next time you walk into a L’Occitane store to re-stock your go-to Almond Shower Gel, opt for the eco-refill pouch instead. Available for most of their bestselling products, the environmentally-friendly format uses up to 90 per cent less materials than the original containers, and are up to 31 per cent off the regular prices. 

  • L'Occitane - The Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall - First Floor, Dubai or

Kjaer Weis

The Scandinavian beauty brand aims to offer sustainable packaging without compromising on luxury. Clever and appealing, their silver metal containers are sleek and stylish, and everything from your mascara to lip gloss and shadow comes in a refillable format. Their website even offers an easy step-by-step guide on how to replace the capsules if you need a little help at home.

Available on Net-A-Porter and


We've come to rely on Nars’ trusty 'O' blush for a natural rosy glow, and the brand is now offering refills of their eye palettes, blush, bronzing powder and compacts. Packed in metal trays, you can simply replace your existing plastic packaging with a shiny new one. While you take a step towards saving the planet, the refills mean you'll also be saving some cash (that you can put towards your next buy).

Address: Nars - The Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall - First Floor, Dubai

Photos: Supplied and Unsplash