These Saudi beauty bloggers are showing the world what #arabgirlmagic smells like

One global beauty brand + four Saudi influencers = 15 new perfumes and a whole lot of empowerment
These Saudi beauty bloggers are showing the world what #arabgirlmagic smells like

Bravo to The Body Shop for not only enlisting influencers to leverage the spending power of their followers, but also for giving them a platform to tell global brands what Middle Eastern women want.

According to the British beauty brand, “This is a changing time in the region. Women are finding their voice, and The Body Shop has partnered with Middle Eastern influencers to co-create a playful take on the time-honoured tradition of mixing scents, supporting female empowerment, self-expression and progress.”

Four Saudi social media stars - Bayan Al Sindi, Lina Al Sarhann, Amal Sultan and Wafa Ahmed - teamed up  with The Body Shop to create the Scents of Life collection; five powerful essences, five long-lasting fragrances and five uplifting spritzes, that, in true Middle Eastern tradition, have been designed to be mixed, matched and layered. 

Standout scents include: the spicy Musk & Mandarin essence, with elegant notes of mandarin, clove, vanilla and sandalwood; the rich and powdery Gold Addiction fragrance infused with oriental notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and vanilla; and the cheeky Charm Me spritz packed with earthy notes of praline, sandalwood, and orchid.

Jeddah-based YouTuber Bayan Al Sindi tells Grazia, “I was honoured to be creatively involved in bringing out the Scents of Life collection. Working with an international company like The Body Shop means women’s voices are being heard, especially Arab women. With all the changes happening in Saudi Arabia, female empowerment is playing a very big role in our country and we are finally moving forward. Scents of Life allows women to be unique and individual with choosing their own scent based on their mood for the day. You get to be strong, feminine, fresh and powerful at the same time! It allows younger generation to be confident and never be afraid to make choices.”

Teacher-cum-beauty blogger Amal Sultan – also from Jeddah – agrees. “I was only 13 years old when I got addicted to The Body Shop! Twenty-one years later, I’m so proud to be a part of the Scents of Life campaign. It’s a privilege. When you are asked by a global brand to be involved in the development of such an innovative fragrance range, it makes you feel like your voice matters.”

Make-up artist and the beauty blogger behind The Artistic Hands Wafa Ahmed, adds, “Perfume is always related to our special memories. With Scents of Life from The Body Shop, to be able to choose and mix my own perfume is a unique and amazing experience that brings happiness to my heart.”

Finally, Saudi beauty blogger Lina Al Sarhann has this advice for Grazia readers who are inspired by this campaign, “Listen carefully to the sound in you and say it loudly, 'Yes I can.'”

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