This beauty tool will change your skincare routine forever

Who knew something so small could be so life changing?
This beauty tool will change your skincare routine forever

First things first, we’ve got a confession to make. We’re addicted to skincare and it’s probably getting a little out of hand. Like, can’t-close-our-cabinets out of hand. Thankfully, we’ve found the ultimate beauty tool that is going to replace all of our scrubs, serums and sheet masks.

When you first set eyes on FOREO’s LUNA 3 you’ll wonder how this pastel-coloured tool is going to cure all your skin woes with those tiny silicone bristles. Well, dear Grazia readers, we’ll tell you how. A combination of 8,000 super-powerful sonic waves loosen all the day’s nasties – think dirt, make-up residue and germs – and increases circulation through the gentlest exfoliating routine we’ve ever tried. Seriously, we wondered whether we’d turned it on properly. Don’t be fooled by the gentle pulsations though – our skin was completely dirt-free and oh-so-soft after just one use.

Don’t know how to use it? There’s an app for that. No, really. The FOREO FOR YOU app can guide you through your cleansing routine or four firming massage settings. All you have to do is download the app and pair it to your LUNA 3 via Bluetooth – then you’re good to go! For a deep clean simply select the cleansing option and your desired intensity - we’d start with level 8. Then wet your face, apply your cleanser to the device and hit the start button on the app. Glide it over your face in circular motions until it automatically shuts off – and you’ve got yourself a squeaky-clean complexion. Just remember to dry LUNA 3 after you use it.

You can use any of your favourite cleansers with LUNA 3, but we’d recommend FOREO’s own Micro-Foam Cleanser. The super-gentle formula uses micro-bubbles to instantly nourish your skin and leaves it feeling clean without the tightness and dryness you often feel after a thorough face wash. Follow it up with the Micro-Capsule Youth Preserve SERUM SERUM SERUM from FOREO that has tiny squalene micro-capsules (trust us, you’ll be fascinated by these little wonders) that soak deep into your skin barrier to ensure nourished younger-looking skin. It’s a match made in skincare heaven.

Why choose LUNA 3 over its pretty predecessors? Not only is the brush head 30 per cent bigger with longer, softer touchpoints that will give your pores the deep clean they (really) need, but there are 16 power levels to choose from and you can get 650 uses out of one charge. It’s perfect for busy women on the go that don’t want to pack their whole skincare cabinet for a two-day trip (guilty). But what really sets the LUNA 3 apart is the addition of four firming massage programmes. Flip your device over and use the firming surface’s low-frequency pulsations to firm and tighten areas that are the first to show signs of ageing – your eye area, jawline, and neck – or opt for the sculpting massage to bring your natural contour back to life.

All in all, we love that FOREO’s latest release lessens your 30-minute skincare routine to just one (ONE) deep cleaning session that could even cleanse you of your Friday brunch sins. Whether you’re using it at the end of a long day, to tighten and firm your skin, or to prep your face for flawless make-up application, LUNA 3 is sure to be your new beauty BFF.

For more information, and to get your hands on your own LUNA 3, visit FOREO's website here.

Photos: Supplied and Instagram