This is how you should really be protecting your skin

A cutting-edge new sunscreen is here, and we want in...
This is how you should really be protecting your skin

Here at Grazia, we like to think we’re pretty ahead of the game. But if you told us we’d be foaming at the mouth over a new form of sun protection that isn’t a cream in 2018 - well, we wouldn’t have been convinced.

Adding further competition to the already-crowded suncare market is Derma, which claims to be the first (big statement) foam-technology skincare. Produced in Sweden, the brand is turning its attention to sun-damaged skin, and the three-part range claims to combat dry, hard skin, moisturise and, most importantly, protect against the sun in a revolutionary, foamy way.

Even better, its water-based formula is hypoallergenic and stored within a pressurised container - which means less irritability and no contamination with microbes.

When we tried Photoblock Foam, we noted this: it’s non-greasy, absorbs rapidly, is waterproof (for those times we like to dip our toe in the pool) and goes a lot further than cream. Plus, the foam doesn’t leave you looking ghostly white, unlike others. *shudders at the memories*.

But what’s most important to Grazia is the SPF value – anything less than 50 just isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, Photoblock Foam offers just that, plus high protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Meanwhile, its sister, Sorafine Foam, is free from artificial colour, parabens, fragrance and preservatives and the aloe vera and chamomile formula intensely hydrates and prevents skin irritation. The third member of the team, Aquaxplus Foam, treats the toughest of dry patches and locks in moisture.

If, like us, you’re favouring the foam from now on, you can find the products in pharmacies across the UAE or online from websites including and

The future is foamy. 

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