This is the best way to protect against blue-light ageing

According to Sisley, it's time for millennials to start thinking about ageing
This is the best way to protect against blue-light ageing

Being a generation of dexterous multitaskers has its downsides – one of them is more exposure to blue light from our devices than ever before. Enter SisleYouth Anti-Pollution Blue Light Shield, which contains organic buckwheat seed extract, a powerful antioxidant that acts as a protective shield; organic ginkgo biloba leaf extract, to guard against free radicals; and pea extract, to enhance the skin’s resistance and combat both environmental and digital pollution. Jose Ginestar, Head of Sisley Research and Development Laboratories, tells us more...

Why is it important to Sisley to spread the anti-ageing message from the age of 25?

Cellular renewal and skin selfregeneration slow down progressively from the age of 25. A demanding lifestyle, a stressful personal and professional life, lack of sleep and poor nutrition exacerbate the situation. As a consequence, the first signs of ageing (dryness, fine lines and wrinkles) and fatigue (lack of radiance and drawn features) appear. Benefiting from its unique anti-ageing expertise, Sisley focused its latest scientific research on the best ways to preserve the youth potential of the skin.

Is blue light considered more of a threat than sun damage?

UV rays are the more damaging environmental aggressors, not only for our appearance (photoageing), but also our health. Pollution and excessive blue light accelerate the skin’s ageing process, so visible signs of ageing appear prematurely and the skin becomes dehydrated. To prevent skin damage caused by all types of pollution, Sisley Research developed SisleYouth Anti-Pollution.

What’s Sisley doing to reduce waste, in terms of its packaging?

Our packaging innovation is based on eco-design criteria to minimise the ecological footprint of our packaging. We find and implement solutions that have less impact on the environment and improve the recyclability of our packaging while maintaining a high level of quality. We also fund several recycling organisations. 

What can we do today to reduce the effects of blue light on our complexions?

When it comes to the excess of blue light from our screens, the three major actions are: reducing the use of electronic devices, such as smartphones; using night mode on tablets and smartphones; and adding a cream to our regimes that protects our skin from the harmful effects of blue light, such as our new SisleYouth Anti-Pollution shield, Sisley’s skincare formula specially designed to protect the skin against all types of pollution: indoor, outdoor and new tech – namely digital, which is linked to blue light.

How is Sisley a business reducing pollution?

Sisley conducts its business with the goal of avoiding the wasting of resources. The Saint-Ouen l’Aumône Center for Research and Cultivation was opened in January 2011 and is a first in France as it takes part in a High Quality Environmental (HQE) certification process, for both its offices and its logistics hubs. This approach includes reduction in energy demands using exterior insulation; dual-flow ventilation; a timed heating, cooling, and ventilation schedule; exterior blinds; reduction in the consumption of potable water, including rainwater management with harvesting for the watering of plants; and the optimisation of lighting needs with low-energy lighting and motion detectors.

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