This is the ultimate cosmetic with a cause

Step aside, Fenty. Here comes Lush
This is the ultimate cosmetic with a cause

What comes to mind when you think of 40-shade foundation range? If you’re somebody with access to Sephora, Instagram, or even just a steady internet connection, you’ll probably be screaming 'Rihanna'. Ever since the cult-status Fenty Beauty’s ultra-inclusive shade range arrived, the beauty world has drawn the conclusion that more is definitely more. But how much more can we actually achieve?

One brand tells us exactly how much. Bath bomb and fancy soap purveyor, Lush has now launched its own foundation, ‘Slap Stick’ and you can probably guess the number of shades. 40! The cherry on top? The range is not only cruelty-free, it’s vegan and packaging-free, too.

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The foundation comes in the form of a solid, beauty-blender shape, housed in a natural wax seal; a great alternative to the classic, non-recyclable plastic packaging most make-up is found in. Worry not, Lush does provide a complimentary recycled cardboard box solely for the sanitary storage of your egg-shaped cosmetic companion should you need it, though. With the brand's intentions to scale back on waste, this makes perfect sense. Currently 35 per cent of Lush products are completely packaging-free, or “naked”. 

With a formula of 14 per cent pigment, 45 per cent Indonesian coconut oil, and a mix of sunflower, candelilla and Turkish rose waxes, the vegan product provides medium, buildable coverage spanning a range of cool, neutral and warm tones.

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And the best thing about all of this? Lush’s key focus here is to source raw materials from projects supporting women in work and children in education. Through the purchase of coconut oil, 10 per cent of all profits will be put towards funding literacy and a dentist on Nias, an Indonesian Island.

Unfortunately, the foundation is currently being tested in the UK before being released worldwide. We might just have to make a quick holiday detour to get our hands on it...

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Photos: Jason Lloyd Evans and Instagram