Topshop beauty is back and here's why it's going to sell out

All is forgiven for being temporarily out of our lives
Topshop beauty is back and here's why it's going to sell out

Remember when everyone wore Topshop Beauty, and subsequently had a meltdown when it was no more? Yeah, us too. Thankfully, the high-street favourite listened to our vocal feelings of loss and now the brand is back: reformulated, repacked and expanded, combining the best elements from the original range with brand new ideas and products to suit all skin types.

The packaging has gone from playful squiggles, dots and stripes to sleek and minimal matte black and classy chrome packaging, whilst colours range from the classic to the truly unconventional – and all inspired by Topshop’s fashion collections, we’re told. We love the brand’s mantra of putting experimentation back into make-up. What does this mean, exactly? No more instructions or guidelines; just easy-to-use products to scribble, smudge and swipe, creating any look. Amazing.

Even better, all products are certified as cruelty-free, meaning none of the products were tested on animals. And we leave you with this: Everything - yes, everything - is priced from Dhs23 to Dhs75. With the pigments impressive and the price points affordable, we predict a bright future for Topshop beauty.


Start with a primer - choose from mattifying or illuminating – and then choose one of the 12 shades of long-wear foundations. Or, opt for powder – they’ve got three available (invisible, matte and pressed). Finish with the liquid concealers with blendable texture and impressive coverage. Easy.


Are you a blusher or bronzer devotee? Prefer a subtle shimmer or serious sparkle? Whatever makeup vibe you’re feeling, all of Topshop’s face powders can be easily buffed and blended to tone your look up or down. The infamous glow pots and highlighters built up a loyal fan base over the years (yes, that was us), so we’re super happy they are back and haven’t changed at all.


Topshop now offers six different eyeshadow finishes – matte, metallic, satin, sparkly, chrome and crayon. Plus an eyeliner for every occasion, smudge-proof brow products with serious staying power, a mascara that lengthens and an eyelid primer to boost the shadows. Keeping up?


There are 83 (yes, really) different lip products up for grabs. These include chubby stick and crayons with three finishes to choose from (matte, cream or satin). There are also balms, liquid lipsticks and glosses, as well as the return of the brand's sell-out Rio Rio red lipstick. If you were a fan of the original formulas we can confirm they're just as brilliant: long-wearing, highly pigmented and hydrating. We’re impressed.


Are you ready to glow, girls? Topshop’s popular baked Crescent Moon highlighter is back and has shed its classic black and white packaging for a very apt gold case. As for the formula, it's less glittery and a lot more natural on the skin, whether you apply it over foundation or onto bare skin. It’s official, Topshop has got you covered – literally.  


Swirl, glide, swish, smudge – however you apply your makeup, Topshop ensures seamless application. They’ve got 10-strong collection of brushes to help you buff and blend from foundation application to eye make-up. Oh, and each brush comes complete with its own zippable, transportable case, so you can cart them around without getting them dirty. P.S. There are also 15 nail polishes to choose from in the collection. We feel spoiled.

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