Trend on trial: I dyed my hair icy white for Christmas and this is how to do it

Take a cue from the dropping weather temperature and bring a chill to your hair colour like Features Editor Olivia Adams
Trend on trial: I dyed my hair icy white for Christmas and this is how to do it

Just because it’s winter, you don’t need to go dark. In fact, I propose the opposite and say go icy white. Okay, so it’s a hair trend that really went away, but with influencers and celebrities alike taking the platinum plunge, I decided now was the time for me to board the hype train, too.

There are things you should know before you dye your hair white blonde. Firstly, the darker the hair, the more sessions it takes. It’s not a quick transformation! That said, here’s how I embraced the peroxide bottle….

I booked an appointment at Trevor Sorbie’s recently opened salon at Dubai Mall. 48 hours before your salon appointment, it’s super important to have a patch test. My hair stylist Fiona firstly mixed Ola Plex Hair Perfector (which begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair) into the bleach. She did two applications, firstly to my mid-lengths and ends, for 30 minutes, and secondly my roots (this was the ‘no going back part’, as bright white colour is painted all over you) for one hour. The bleach will always take a minimum one hour to take.

Olivia had her hair dyed at Trevor Sorbie in Dubai Mall 

Next, I was taken to a basin to rinse off the colour. Fiona applied a further application of Ola Plex for ten minutes, rinsed, then applied a toner – which neutralises brassy yellow tones – for a further ten minutes, and then rinsed.

Finally (I know, stay with me), we did the routine shampoo and conditioner. Simple bliss. Of course, the colour change process is dependent on what – if anything – is already on the hair, so my experience is one of already light and bleached blonde hair.

She went from dark blonde with roots to bright white 

There is breakage and damage associated with such heavy bleaching, so in terms of after-care, it’s recommended you use a purple shampoo – to neutralise brassy tones – every other hair wash, and a moisturising shampoo (which is sulphate-free, as sulphate are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to colour fade because they strip colour) when the purple bottle is on stand-by. You should leave it no longer than six weeks before you’re back in the salon chair, because of regrowth, but the good news is follow up appointments won’t take four (yes, seriously) hours. You’ll just need the regrowth and ends doing next time.

So, lighten up and join me in being icy white – just in time for Christmas.

Feeling all-white afterwards 

Photos: Supplied and Instagram @arianagrande