Victoria Beckham's new beauty line is inspired by the healing powers of crystals

And she wants each product to have a powerful, positive impact
Victoria Beckham's new beauty line is inspired by the healing powers of crystals
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As the head of her own fashion label and a mother-of-four, you might think Victoria Beckham has enough on her plate.

But never one to take her impeccably-clad foot off the pedal, the style icon is now expanding her empire and legacy with the launch of an eponymous beauty line, Victoria Beckham Beauty.

In 2016, Victoria teamed up with Estée Lauder to release a capsule collection of products, but it was during this time that she met Sarah Creal, then an executive at the company, and the seeds of Victoria Beckham Beauty were sewn.

Her Estée Lauder collaboration successfully ran for two years, but for her own line the former popstar is taking a different approach - instead of launching into department stores, products will only be available on the Victoria Beckham Beauty site, giving her complete creative control.

“Over the years I had an e-con site before I had any stores and I just always enjoyed how I could directly engage directly with my customers through social media," Victoria explained during a recent trip to Dubai's Mall of the Emirates as part of its five-day World Of Fashion event.

"When launching this beauty I decided to go direct, so the only way you can buy Victoria Beckham Beauty is through By doing so I can control the experience from start to finish. I love how I can learn about my customer and give her whatever she wants, whether its beauty or fashion,” she added.

And while the brand is tentatively testing the market with “very focused drops”, the company plans to go into skincare by the end of the year, along with foundations and fragrance.

“We’re just dipping our toes in the water at the moment but we’ve started with an eye story which is about the perfect smoky eye and we are launching a lip story next week which is the perfect nude lip. I think the other really important thing to me was to make it inclusive so this is something that works on everybody. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what skin colour you have.”

Sarah, who is now Co-founder and CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty, and Victoria both share a passion for “clean beauty” - products free from harmful toxins that don’t impact on the environment - and the company is committed to formulating products that meet this standard.

However, Victoria also revealed that she finds inspiration for products in unlikely places, and her passion for crystals helped create the Lid Lustre range.

Victoria explained: “I love crystal energy. When I travel, I travel with crystals and to have a crystal story with my sparkly eyeshadows...”

Each shade is infused with a different crystal for “aura-amplifying energy” and has been inspired by the healing and protective power of crystals, and while the jury's out on whether an eyeshadow can heal, there's no disputing that Victoria Beckham Beauty looks set to have a very powerful impact. 

Visit to shop the collection.

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