Watch Middle Eastern make-up artist Hindash teach us how to achieve complexion perfection

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Watch Middle Eastern make-up artist Hindash teach us how to achieve complexion perfection

It's no secret that we love make-up, to the point where we may be able to open a Sephora with our own collection. It's also no secret that Huda Beauty is one of the biggest beauty brands in the world. What do you get when you combine those two things, and mix in a little bit of Hindash? Answer: a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve complexion perfection.

Jordanian Hindash is not only a celebrity make-up artist, but he got his start as a painter and is an award-winning artist. Here he uses Huda Beauty's complexion products to show us how to achieve a flawless finish with a natural, sunkissed glow (and how to recreate it ourselves).

For those following along at home, here's how you can achieve the look in four simple steps:

1. Combine 1 pump of #FauxFilter Foundation with Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base and apply as a base all over your face using a damp Basic B Blending Sponge to achieve a light, airbrushed finish. 
2. Apply a lighter shade of Overachiever Concealer to brighten the under eye area and blend out with your damp Basic B Blending Sponge.
3. Use the sculpt end of the Sculpt & Shade Brush to apply Tantour to the top of your forehead, around your temples, and underneath your cheekbones and jawline for definition. Use the shade end to blend it out - and make sure to blend it well!  
4. Spray the Basic B Blending Sponge with Resting Boss Face, dip it into the melted strobe shade of any of our 3D Highlighter Palettes and bounce it all over your face to highlight, illuminate, and set your makeup.

Products used:

Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base
The Overachiever Concealer
#FauxFilter Foundation
3D Highlighter Palette
Resting Boss Face Setting Spray

Photos: Supplied