We played beauty "Would You Rather?" with Tarte's Global Make-up Artist

We think you'll be shocked by what he said
We played beauty "Would You Rather?" with Tarte's Global Make-up Artist

Tarte Cosmetics was catapulted into make-up superstardom thanks to the iconic Shape Tape concealer and their high-performance natural formulas that incorperate good-for-you ingredients into make-up. We asked Tarte's Global Pro Make-Up Artist Freddy Lopez the hardest questions he'll ever have to answer (we're obviously not exaggerating), including whether he'd rather go brow-less or sans mascara, and we're more than a little shocked with some of his answers. Check out Freddy's answers below:

Would You Rather...

Make-up brushes OR sponge?


‘No make-up’ make-up OR a full beat?

Full Beat

Winged liner OR a red lip?

Winged liner (Freddy: Tough choice!)

Wear the wrong foundation shade OR forget to brush off your bake?

Forget to brush off your bake (Grazia: We can't believe this one!)

No brows OR bare lashes?

Bare lashes

Concealer OR foundation?


Bold shadow OR bold lip?

Bold shadow

Go without skincare for a month OR go without make-up for a month?

Go without skincare, since we have products made with skin-loving ingredients that helps take care of your skin!

Translucent powder OR setting spray?

Translucent powder

Serum OR moisturiser?


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