We talked to Tarteist Freddy Lopez about all things make-up (including the trend he thinks is overrated)

The Pro Global Make-Up Artist talked to us about his favourite products and top make-up tips
We talked to Tarteist Freddy Lopez about all things make-up (including the trend he thinks is overrated)

If you're a lover of make-up, or even if you just use it ocassionally, you'll have definitely heard of Tarte Cosmetics' cult-favourite Shape Tape concealer. But that's not all the brand has to offer, you know - from their good-for-you ingredients to flawless foundations and head-turning shadows, Tarte is changing the make-up game in a big way. So, there's no one better to gush over the brand with than Freddy Lopez, Tarte's Pro Global Make-Up Artist. That's why we sat down with the Tarteist to talk about all things make-up (and to see if we could finally find a hack to get our winged eyeliner straight).

Tarte’s iconic Shape Tape concealer has reached legendary status for its high-coverage formula. How would you use the formula for a lighter no-makeup look?
I love Shape Tape because it can cover up anything, but if you’re looking for a lighter, 'no-make-up' make-up look you can apply using our damp quickie blending sponge to blend it out.

Tarte has so many amazing foundations – which is your favourite foundation and why?
It’s impossible to choose, but recently I’ve been gravitating towards our Babassu Foundcealer. It’s nice to have something a little lighter and more hydrating during the summer, and I love that it has a non-chemical SPF with full spectrum protection!

We love that the Foundcealer is formulated with Babassu. Why do you think beauty brands are starting to introduce more skincare ingredients into their make-up?
Since day one Tarte has always formulated skin-loving ingredients into make-up, but with this launch we really wanted to create the perfect hybrid of make-up and skincare. We’ve always believed that you shouldn’t have to choose between make-up that performs well and ingredients that are good for your skin. I think more people are starting to realise that you don’t have to!

When beginners ask you for advice on how to do their make-up, what is the most common question they ask?
I get asked a lot about shades that are flattering. For example, "what colors suit me best for my eyes, cheeks or lips". I always use color theory when making recommendations, since that always gives the most flattering harmonized make-up.

Is there a make-up mistake that even professionals make sometimes?
I feel as though complexion is very personal, so I always make sure my clients get the type of foundation shade they feel comfortable in. Of course, I give my opinion, but I want to make sure that they feel most happy with their choice. I try not to make it about what I like but finding a middle ground of what they like and what suits them.

What is your night-time skincare routine?
I’ll use our Micellar Magic make-up remover on my face to get rid of any impurities, and then put on two-three drops of Maracuja Oil to hydrate my skin while I sleep. If I’m feeling a little dry I’ll layer on some Baba Bomb moisturiser on top for an extra boost of moisture, so that my skin will wake up so soft, hydrated, and ready for the day.

What do you think is the most overrated make-up trend?
I think trends come and go, which keeps my job fun. I love how Tarte is always releasing new innovative products, but if I had to choose I’d pick the swirly brow trend!

What are some viral make-up trends or hacks that are actually bad for your skin?
Using anything on your skin that isn’t meant for you! Sometimes it can be okay if you’re using natural products, but when you’re using crayons or food as make-up – that’s when you can start to break out. We wear our make-up longer than we sleep at night, so it’s super important that we take care of what we’re putting on our skin.

What are your tips for looking glam (and awake) while travelling? And which products would be in your essential travel kit?       
Glam-on-the-go is all about saving space! Multi-tasking products and palettes that you can use to create a bunch of different looks are key. A lot of Tarte products also come in travel-size, so you can always bring your favorite mascara, liner, or skincare products with you.

If you could do make-up for anyone in the world, who would it be?
I would be so thrilled to do make-up on the classic super models like Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, and if I could go back in time... Judy Garland!

Make-up is a form of self-expression. What’s the most OTT look you’ve ever done, on yourself or someone else?
My favourite look I’ve ever done would have to be the campaign for our Babassu Foundcealer skincare foundation. A lot of the models were friends of Tarte and women that work at our headquarters—they were truly such great models and I really enjoyed glamming them up! The look was clean and polished. My favourite!

When trying out new products, what are some things we should look out for? What is a sign that it’s not the product for us?
I always like to look for good-for-you ingredients, especially when I’m trying a new product and I don’t know what to expect. It may sound kind of silly but another thing to consider before you purchase a product is how it smells – if you wait until you get home or until you try it and you don’t like the way a product smells it can be a real, and literal, headache.

Classic question but we have to ask: If you were stuck on an island and could only have five products, what would they be?
My Shape Tape concealer because it's such a versatile product and I just can’t live without it! I'd also choose the Babassu Foundcealer since we'll definitely need the SPF and hydration on a desert island. Next would be Artelette in bloom, because it's one of my all-time favourite eyeshadow palettes followed by the big ego mascara - it's anything you could ever want in a mascara. It's like falsies in a tube! Finally, I'd bring my maracuja oil. I use maracuja everywhere - on my face, hands, hair, basically anywhere I’m feeling dry, so I couldn't be without it.

Freddy's Tips and Tricks

What is the best technique to fill in your brows while still keeping them natural?
Use hair-like strokes in the direction the brow grows, and create fullness towards the outer brow.

The beauty world is crazy about neon right now. What are some easy ways to incorporate colour into eye looks?
Splashes of color on the inner corner of the eye are trending at the moment.

How do you apply foundation or concealer over dry skin without it looking cakey?
Maracuja oil is truly a game changer. Apply it first and then layer foundation or concealer.

What is the best way to do winged eyeliner on hooded or semi-hooded eyes?
Our clay paint eyeliner is formulated with Amazonian clay which means no smudging, and comes with a perfectly shaped eyeliner brush.

How do you choose the right foundation for your skin?
Think of what your skin's needs are. If you’re dry, try hydrating foundations and if you’re oily try matte. Or come by tarte and see a Tarteist!

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