What Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did next

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley tells Grazia about her new beauty venture
What Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did next

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's model status is no accident. At 15 she secured a work placement at Profile Model Management, and was signed to its books a year later. Cue cover shoots the world over, a Burberry campaign, M&S lingerie line and many, many catwalksIt’s a dazzlingly illustrious career path, forged from teenage determination (and traffic-stopping genes, of course). Some 17 years later, Rosie has set her sights on the beauty industry.

In 2018 her digital platform Rose Inc (“a beauty destination for the modern woman”) was launched, and this year she steps up to the helm of Hourglass Cosmetics as its first official brand ambassador. The partnership is a cannily thought-out move. Hourglass ticks boxes. Not only is the luxury brand 100 per cent cruelty-free and pledging to be 100 per cent vegan by the end of 2020, it’s already a fixture in Rosie’s make-up bag. “I’ve been using Hourglass Cosmetics for years,” she says. “I was introduced to them by my make-up artist, Florrie White. It’s always meaningful when you can partner with a brand you really love.”

The Big Beauty Shift

For Rosie, this is the dawn of a new beauty era. “Social media, YouTube and the fact that everybody now has access to learning about beauty and skincare, has created a massive shift in the industry,” she says. “Beauty has become much more inclusive and accessible. There’s a real culture around some of these brands. I recently spent some time with Glossier Founder Emily Weiss, and she said she wanted to create a beauty company that had you wearing its sweatshirt. People want to find a community through the brands they buy into, the blogs they read and the websites they visit, now. It’s a really exciting time and I’m so happy to be a part of it.” Her enthusiasm for Rose Inc is palpable. “It’s been so fulfilling to work with a team of women as an editor, and really immerse myself in the industry. It’s been a creative couple of years, and I’ve got some really exciting things happening, so stay tuned.”

Beauty Secrets

Rosie has beauty intel in abundance, from many hours spent in make-up artists’ chairs. Some of her lesser-known tips and tricks? “I always put a touch of whatever bronzer or blush I’m using into the sockets of my eyes,” she says. “I love how it pulls the whole look together and, if you’re pinched for time, it’s a quick way to accentuate your eyes without having to do a whole shadow look. I’ve been doing that for quite a few years now. Also, when it comes to applying a statement lip, I like to hold my mirror lower than normal and tilt my face down – this helps me get a really even line on my top lip.”

Beneath The Surface

Like many of us, Rosie’s confidence comes via a good skin day, and they’re not always guaranteed. “I’ve been quite open about the fact I’ve always struggled with my skin. I get breakouts on a regular basis, so for me to feel confident it’s all about having a really healthy, clear-looking complexion. I’ve been using a brand called iS Clinical for years. I stopped when I was pregnant because I had really clear skin at the time, but things changed afterwards and it took a return to the products to show me just how much they help. I’m also diligent about facials. I’ve been going to Jacqueline Parker in the UK, who’s really good at helping to manage acne-prone skin types; and in the US, I see Biba de Sousa, who’s also a specialist in that area.”

The Fitness Factor

“I’ve been exercising for most of my adult life. My mum was an aerobics teacher in the ’90s, and my childhood was very outdoorsy. When I moved to the city, I realised I wasn’t being active and so, at around 18, I started going to the gym and working out. I’ve done it ever since. It’s my meditation, the way I release; it’s huge for me. I work out three times a week, or four to five if I’m going to be on a big shoot or have a specific goal in mind. I’ve been working out with trainer Simone De La Rue in LA, and she has a class called Body By Simone. It’s really fun and I get great results. I’ve also been doing a bit of Pilates recently. I’m a big believer in stretching and working on those intricate muscle areas. Being active is so important to me.”

Hitting Pause

“To switch off, I like to flop down on the sofa and watch whatever I’m currently into. I just saw the last episode of The Morning Show and highly recommend it. I like to listen to podcasts in the bath, too. I listen to The High Low every week, which I’m a really big fan of, and Joe Rogan’s podcast. And once a week I have a massage – it’s my treat to myself.”

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