What to expect from Selena Gomez' beauty line

Grazia predicts smokey eyes a'plenty
What to expect from Selena Gomez' beauty line

When it comes to fans, there are few more devoted than the Selenators. So naturally the news that Selena Gomez will be launching her own beauty line which will include all manner of delights; from fragrances and cosmetics to incense and essential oils.

While we don't have exact details yet, Grazia has perused Selena's instagram for clues and came up with a few predictions...

Smokey Eye

Selena's go-to glam makeup look is, unequivocally, the smoky eye. We reckon it's a safe bet that her beauty line will include plenty of sultry shades and kohl pencils. 

Baby Blush

When off duty, and in a fair few of her music videos Selena has sported blush tones on her cheeks and lips. We're hoping for plenty of peach and pink hues in the collection. 

Scarlet Fever

No makeup arsenal would be complete without a red lipstick. Selena favours a glossy, scarlet shades so you can bet we'll be seeing a few of those. 

Golden Girl

What better look for decadent end-of-summer parties than shimmering shades of burnished gold? The perfect partner to that holiday tan. 

Images: Instagram