Why ice-rolling is the secret to radiant skin

If you'd like to bring a little bit of the spa into your morning routine, look no further
Why ice-rolling is the secret to radiant skin

There’s no denying the refreshing quality of a spritz of face mist in hot climes. Truly, there is little more delightful than a layer of something cool on parched skin that's burning up.

Aside from sensorial, the benefits of cold in skincare knows no bounds, and the beauty world has taken note.

With cooling treatments like cryotherapy and CoolSculpting cropping up across clinics, promising everything from increased metabolism, to reduced inflammation, to pain relief, it’s no wonder sub-zero skincare has infiltrated the routines of all the celebrities who seem to age in reverse (looking at you, Kate Moss).

While most of these treatments come with a hefty price-tag in tow, skincare enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief.

Introducing: Ice-rolling, an at-home version of these high-tech procedures, promising actual results.

What is it?

Somewhat like a paint roller, the ice-roller is a simple gadget that you massage your face with. It contains a gel roller head which is frozen prior to use. Unlike water, the gel remains cool for longer, allowing you to reap more of its benefits.

What are the benefits?

The cold causes constriction, which essentially means that puffy faces are no match for the ice-roller. Low temperatures constrict blood vessels, which reduces inflammation while the sweeping motions drain fluid build-up.

Not only that, but ice-rolling can also increase dermal and epidermal circulation, improving cell function, skin elasticity, and reducing fine lines.

The increase in circulation combined with the de-puffing effect instantly makes for a sculpted, brightened face.

And if that’s not quite enough, the gadget also works wonders for minor injuries like bruises, and it's been known to work wonders for quelling headaches.

When should you use it?

Skin guru Kerry Benjamin, the founder of StackedSkincare, recommends that aside from using the ice roller for when sensitive skin is over-reactive to something, it is helpful to employ its benefits daily. It can be used as a 15-minute cool down after a long day at work, or an energising pick-me-up first thing in the morning.

Photos: Instagram and Jason Lloyd-Evans